The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facebook reply....

This was a response to a friend I have on facebook, this person was commenting that there is no outrage about the money being wasted in Afganistan and Iraq, we need to waste the money on our kids instead.  Well I went on a bit of a rant.......After I finished, I decided to cut and paste this rant.   Usually I don't have a good rant, but this one was worth saving;)

We need to cut all the money going overseas...we are racking bills up that our kids will have to pay for.  You want to improve our kids education...get rid of the dept of education on the federal level.  We spend more on our education than any other industrialized nation and get less for it.  We are teaching a generation of drones and self absorbed entitlement challenged kids.  Leave the schools at the local level.  When schools take money from the feds, it has strings attached(see no child left behind)  the schools have to prepare the kids for testing, not teaching.  If the schools don't do well on the federal mandated tests, the funding gets cut.  The teachers cannot deviate from the plan set up from administrators who have eyes on funding, not teaching.  Right now the interest on the national debt is $45,000 per person, man, women, and child.  If we don't get the spending under control, our currency will be devalued heavily and we finance the chinese military with the interest paid on the debt.   In order for our fiscal house to be put right, all programs including the big ones, medicare, medicaid and social security  will have to be cut along with defence.  We have an entitlement mentality here in America, people want all this free stuff from the government, well it ain't free, the government took the money from somebody else by force to give to people wanting " freebee's"   You can not run a household budget being continually running a deficit, the money has to come from somewhere.  That is what the federal government is doing now. 50 years ago, the act of taking welfare or being on the dole was shameful, now people are proud to say" the government is paying my bills"  Where is the pride of us being Americans?  We had a reputation of being self starters, doers, and people that can do anything....what are we now?  I see several generation of people that expect government to take care of them, they will not do anything unless the government tells them.  When does a faceless bureaucrat have the ultimate decision making on how or when I live my life? 
    I am neither a republican or a democrat, I am a fiscal conservative teapartier