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Friday, February 24, 2012

M1 Garand...commercial or civilian ammunition?

I had purchased a rifle about 11 years ago.  I bought an M-1 Garand from a pawn shop.  I didn't know much about them back then and I bought one made by C.A.I.  I found out later that it was probably assembled out of parts.  I was seriously disappointed.  I had tried to shoot it one time but it had problems cycling and I never fired it again.  I don't prize it as much as my other rifles that I have that are pieces of history.  Well I was watching "triggers" on history channel and they were talking about the Garand.  Well I decided to pull mine out of the gun safe and take the gun sock off of it.  It looked better than I remembered.  Well I decided to play with google and did a search.  After reading the high road and some of the other gun blogs.  I pulled mine apart.  All of mine parts including the barrel are made by Springfield Armory.  it does look good, but I do have a question...Apparently commercial ammunition can be a problem for the Garands.  Is there any commercial ammunition that simulates the M-2 ball that was used on these originally?  I would like to fire a few clips through it just to see how it does.

 That is my shoe in the picture.  I took the picture after I had put it back together.   I will save the money to buy a CMP Garand.  If this one shoots well, I will keep it as well and use it as more of a shooter than the potential CMP Garand.           


  1. Hornady makes a specific ammo for the M-1 to prevent 'issues' with overdriving the oprod and bolt.


    You can get it for around $22-24 box

  2. Bitteroot Valley Ammunition Company "BVAC" also does an M2 loading.