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Friday, April 27, 2012

List of Obama's accomplishments

Here is a list of Obungler's accomplishment since he was coronated in 2008

1.  The Cairo speech.
2.  Bowed to foreign dignitaries including the King of Saudi Arabia.
3.  Backed release of Lockerbie Bomber let him go back to Libya.
4.  The Gulf of Mexico drilling moratoriums and then IGNORING a Fed court twice.
5.  No shovel ready jobs/the bailout spending spree was a money laundering gig.
Over 425K small businesses closing every year under Obama.
7.  Obama debt OVER 5 TRILLION dollars and GROWING.
8.  NO 
Summer recovery and NO recovery at all.
9.  Downgrading of America's credit rating from AAA to AA. (1st time in US history)
10.  ObamaKare forced on the American people w/o READING IT!
11.  HIGHER 
unemployment despite ONE TRILLION in a stimulus ripoff.
12.  A
ppointed a TAX CHEAT for SecTreas.
13.  Appointed an economic idiot in charge of the Fed.
14.  OVER 34 UN-ELECTED CZARS, many of them criminal radical communists.
15.  In thirty months, INCREASED our deficit OVER 40%!
16.  Food, gas, and other necessities SOARING in price.
17.  42 MILLION Americans are living in poverty, ANOTHER 1st for the US.
18.  Solyndra and other green energy scams (money laundering scams)
19.  Operation 
Fast and Furious AND a COVER UP!
20.  Stopped the XL Keystone pipeline then LIED about it.
21.  NO budget in over 3 years, ignoring a Constitutional REQUIREMENT!
22.  Holder suing AZ and SC for enforcing FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW!
23.  Holder IGNORING NBPP voter fraud felony.
FORCED General Shelton to ALTER his testimony on LIghtSquared.
25.  More home foreclosures in our history, US Gov't owns them.
26.  45 MILLION Americans on food stamps.
27.  NLRB keeps Boeing from moving to South Carolina. (At-will state)
28.  IGNORES Congressional
subpoena on Solyndra.
29.  FIRST president to attack states he swore an oath to protect.
30.  Terminated NASA and made it a Muslim outreach program.
31.  Signed an EO to examine c
ompanies political contributions.
32.  Swore to "bankrupt the coal industry."
33   Unvetted past, allied with ACORN, and seeks to undermine America.
34.  Race baiter and racist.
35.  Narcissistic Sociopath.
36.  Allows Cass Sunstein to write over 90,000 NEW 
anti business regulations!
37.  First one snitch site on whitehouse.gov then came Attackwatch!
38.  Appointed two UNQUALIFIED Marxist idiots to the SCOTUS.
39.  Supports union thugs, SEIU violence, Occutards, etc.
41.  First president in history to seal ALL of his records by Executive Order.
42   The USA borrows TRILLIONS from the ChiComs.
43.  Muslim Brotherhood terrorists at every level of his Admin, including State.
44.  Over 25 MILLION jobs lost in three years.
Added over 3 MILLION more Americans to the poverty level.
46.  Gas up over 100%.
48.  NO transparency at all (two YEARS and a lawsuit to get Spain vacation records)
49.  RECORD level of lobbyists in his admin.
50.  RECORD amount of contributions from Wall Street/Goldman-Sachs/Soros, etc.
51.  Ignored the War Powers Act in Libya.

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