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Monday, June 3, 2013

How My weekend went....and Monday Music

What a weekend....I worked overtime on Friday:)   good thing.  Went to a baseball game on Saturday and watch the Braves pull one off against the Nationals in the 10th inning.   Very good game.   I was taking short and noisy to camp Grandma.  Well we flew there first flight in.  Great!!  Well I knew that the return was dicey.  Well I got bumped off the first return flight, I kinda expected that then got bumped off the second  flight..because there was a cancellation in Atlanta from the feeder airline that flies into the city in Tennessee...well it is where it got pear shaped......All the passengers immediately tried to catch other flights out of there..and or arrange other modes of transportation out of there.and since I fly "free"  I had no standing with the gate agents.  They were really understanding on my desire to get back to the ATL.  But when you fly "gratis"  you take your chances.  Well I went down to check on car rental...guess what..Remember all those passengers that got bumped by the feeder airline they got car rentals to get out of there...their cars were gone except the really BIG things that get really crappy mileage.  Well I told my spousal unit what has transpired....and she in her graciousness drove all the way to this city to pick me up and drive me back to ATL to get my car..lotta hours in the car.
     I made it home...went to sleep for a couple of hours then came into work.   But this isn't the cherry on my day.  The same understanding spousal unit bought me a Subway sub to take to work....well the damm D.O.G  countersurfed it and got it.    I walked downstairs and saw pieces of sandwich all over the kitchen floor.....What a day.

    My last Post I had done before this one, I had used a lot of bad language, I normally don't use bad language since my kid likes to read my blog so I try to keep it "G" and "PG".  But there are times that bad language can be used to make a point.  I normally don't swear on my blog...but in this case I felt it was warranted.  My apologies if I offended my regular readers. 

     On a different note...I am going back to the 70's

Lido Shuffle is a song by Boz Scaggs from the 1976 album Silk Degrees. The single reached #11 on the pop chart and #13 in the UK singles chart. Members of the backup band heard in the song later formed the band Toto.

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  1. Oh man, at least it was a win-lose-win-lose instead of a lose all the way around! Hope you catch up on the sleep, and if I were you I'd keep her, she's a good one! :-)