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Thursday, January 9, 2014

50th Anniversary on the war on poverty..........

I am a student of history and I tend to remember certain dates,   I remember in my history books(before revisionist history really took on roots) 50 years ago when President Johnson pushed through his "Great Society" program to eradicate poverty in America.   If I recall, it was during this time that they put social security trust fund into the general budget to hide the cost of these programs and the Vietnam war that were going at the same time.  Back then there was a surplus in the "trust fund" and they needed it to cover the cost of government.  Now the Social Security fund that I and many others have paid into is full of government I.O.U's and I believe that the money taken by force from me will not be available for me when I retire.  That is why people from my generation(the smart ones anyway) have been funding our retirement through our 401K and other vehicles.  If SS is there, it will be means tested so that people that have other income will not be able to draw from the money that was supposed to be set aside because they will have to restrict access to keep the program afloat.
     What has me and others concerned now is that I have heard rumblings that the government is looking at ways to get at the money in the retirement accounts of Americans to "shore" up social security. "Because it isn't fair that all Americans havn't planned for their retirement and the fortunate few have."   This mindset is prevalent on the liberal websites and think tanks.  I and others like me skimped and saved and denied ourselves the latest and the greatest so we can live ok when we retire
now the "gimmecrats" are talking about taking MY money to put it into the ponzi scheme known as social security so others who didn't bother preparing can benefit?

  You don't believe it can happen.,...Look at Cyprus and Greece, the government went into bank accounts of private citizens and took money without permission of the owners, they decided by imperial fiat to just take it.  Where is the rule of Law?   Oh Wait this is the President that likes to thumb his nose at the rule of law and do whatever he wants.  Remember the GM bailouts....Everybody got hosed on that deal including the tax payers except the UAW which backed President Obama.  The Obamacare mandates, the president arbitrarily delays certain aspects of the law for political reasons even though by law, he can't do it.  And nobody will call him on it because he controls the media and the mob.

Here is the LINK that inspired the rant

The DEMOCRAT'S War on Poverty cost us TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS, that is, a 20, followed by TWELVE ZEROS! And as usual, it is an epic failure and even more Liberal is the fact that they keep throwing OUR MONEY at it, to no avail!
EXCERPT:  "Fifty years after President Johnson started a $20 trillion taxpayer-funded war on poverty, the overall percentage of impoverished people in the U.S. has declined only slightly and the poor have lost ground under President Obama. Aides said Mr. Obama doesn’t plan to commemorate the anniversary Wednesday of Johnson’s speech in 1964, which gave rise to Medicaid, Head Start and a broad range of other federal anti-poverty programs. The president’s only public event Tuesday was a plea for Congress to approve extended benefits for the long-term unemployed, another reminder of the persistent economic troubles during Mr. Obama’s five years in office.

“What I think the American people are really looking for in 2014 is just a little bit of stability,” Mr. Obama said. Although the president often rails against income inequality in America, his policies have had little impact overall on poverty. A record 47 million Americans receive food stamps, about 13 million more than when he took office."
Stability? Really? We've had five YEARS of this incompetence and the only thing that he has down is run this nation into the ground!
Let us remember that when LBJ signed all of these giveaway he made a comment "With a stroke of the pen, I guarantee the blacks voting democrats for the next 50 years."  I have heard 50 to 200 years bandied about. 
What do we have to show for it? We still have poverty. It’s gotten worse not better. And our poor live better than middle class people in other countries. They have TVs and smart phones. And look at the crime. Look at the feral blacks playing the Knockout Game. Look at the rise of the illegitimacy rate for both black and white mothers. It’s worse among black women where it’s over 70% but it has risen among white women as well. Get yourself knocked up and you can go on welfare. And you can keep irresponsibly having babies and we will pay you for it. 
     Economist Thomas Sowell argues that the Great Society programs only contributed to the destruction of African American families, saying "the black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life."

EXCERPT:  "President Obama’s anti-poverty efforts “are basically to give more people more free stuff,” said Robert Rector, a specialist on welfare and poverty at the conservative Heritage Foundation."
 EVERYTHING the Democrats DO is to give people more freebies and make them slaves to the state and dependent on voting democrat to keep the largesse coming and the democratic party in power using the ballot.  Only their LOW IQ and dumbed down education keeps them from seeing it.

How's that Hopey/Changey working for you America? "Poverty level under Obama breaks 50-year record?" Now THAT is CHANGE you can BELIEVE IN!
Edmund Burke was right. Our Founders were right. George Orwell was right. Ayn Rand was right. McCarthy was right. Ronald Reagan was right. Joe Wilson was right. Anyone ELSE see a pattern here?
We're 17 TRILLION in debt with 150 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities and morons like Krugman, Goolsby, and Obama, to name a few, think we can STILL spend our way out of debt

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  1. And THIS administration is doubling down on it... sigh