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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Safety video 80's style

I ran across video that was just released by Delta airlines, and safety video's are...well boring, but Delta did one with an 80's twist.  now anybody that reads my blog know that I am a great fan of the 80's, especially the music.  Some of the other stuff well I could do without.   I was able to come into work, and I had to take it slow, due to the ice and snow.  I have no problem driving in it.  After driving in Germany for 5 years, I picked up a few tricks.
  I tell people there are several rules for driving in the snow...
    1.   Don't speed...you ain't gonna get there any sooner...you will just eat a guard rail or something.
    2.  Don't use the brakes..use the natural compression of the engine to slow down.
    3.  Plan your stops and turns WELL in advance....No sudden movements.
    4.  Use the lowest RPM possible, your tires have contact with the snow and Ice, and sudden changes will           cause the contact to break and you start sliding.
    5.   If you start to slide, turn your front wheels in the direction of the slide, you will be able to maintain a modicum of control on your vehicle...and DON'T slam on the brakes....You will be screwed for sure.   Your car will slow down and you can regain control and continue on your merry way.....Slowly.
    6.  if you have a rear wheel drive car, make sure your gas tank is full, it gives you weight over the axle.  I also rode with 300 pounds of masonry in the trunk of my mustang to give it extra weight so the tires can better handle the snow while I was stationed in Germany.  Today  I used my front wheel drive car today and had no problems.   I still miss the Mustang though.  I traded it back in 1991 for a F150 XLT.

   Well here is the safety Video.

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  1. Good recommendations, and a funny video! :-) Too bad most STILL won't pay attention...