The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The civil disobedience continues.....in the blue zone

There is a Movement in the blue states(The states in the northeast corridor) that are overwhelming "blue" I.E Vote Democrat no matter what.  There are a lot of pissed off people and they flat out will not register their firearms with the state that is demanding that they do so. The states pushed through these edicts after the new-town shooting hoping to capitalize on the emotions to run through their disarmament schemes on the citizens.   The states in question being Connecticut and New York  are giving firearm owners a "second chance" to register their EBR(Evil black Rifles) and hundreds of thousands of people will not do it.  I think the states in question will try to raid a few houses whose people were "late" in registering them to make "examples" out of them in defying the edicts of the state.  After a few are killed or their house is ransacked and their pet is gunned down."In the name of officer Safety..Of course"  the other people will start fighting back and I am not sure that the state police will be so froggy to jump through the next door.  This is a massive civil disobedience going on and many people are pissed.

      many others are leaving the state as have several businesses moved to more gun friendly areas of the country.   People have asked me why am I such a 2nd amendment zealot.  I reply, " I have seen the Nazi Death camps" and what happens when the state can by imperial fiat shove people into a cattle car and send them off to be killed and they have no recourse because the state had the guns and the people didn't have any.
If you are not sure what those are...Those are the scratches made by fingernails of the people that were stuck in the "Showers" and were trying to get out.   When you see this stuff, it leaves an indelible impression.
     The following article is from the jpfo.org. they are a jewish 2nd amendment organization, that has scads of research and other material in support of the 2nd amendment. 

They're burning registration forms! They're rallying by the thousands. They're pledging civil disobedience. They're swearing to resist, to disobey, even if it makes them felons. They're angry, they're defiant, they've had it and they aren't going to take it any more.
Who are they? No, they're not 1960s draft resisters. They're not anti-nuke activists or scruffy Occupy Wall Street protestors. Heck, chances are some of them actually work on Wall Street.
They are the gun owners of the bluest blue states. They're the respectable men and women of the mid-Atlantic region. They're people who have, in the past, submitted to the rules even when they didn't like them -- or at least kept their mouths shut about their non-compliance.
But not any more.
The spate of pointless blue-state legislation against "assault weapons" and standard-capacity magazines that followed the Newtown school shooting sought -- as usual -- to punish millions of people who didn't commit the crime by registering or outright banning firearms that just happen to look scary to hoplophobes.
This time it didn't work.
  • In New York, where owners of "assault weapons" have until April 15 to register them, thousands burned registration paperwork instead.
  • In Connecticut, the December 31, 2013 register-or-surrender deadline passed -- and was resoundingly ignored by an estimated 85 percent of its intended targets. (And that's despite the fact that, unlike New York, where it's a misdemeanor, failure to register is a felony in Connecticut.) TheBlaze.com reported, "...officials and some lawmakers are stunned."
  • In New Jersey, as a particularly ridiculous bill loaded with unintended consequences moved through the legislature, lawmakers had to face a nine-year-old competitive shooter who threatened to move out of state. (Not to mention a tongue-in-cheek campaign by the New Jersey Second Amendment Society to send gun magazines to some bigoted politicians.)
  • Meanwhile, 19 states and 34 congresspeople, and the NRA sued New Jersey over one of its existing bad gun laws.
  • Rhode Island gun-rights activists have so far managed to keep a host of ugly bills bottled up on committee while frustrating one state senator so badly he spewed an obsenity at a Second Amendment supporter. They also elected themselves some hopefully more rights-friendly politicians, too.
  • While individual Maryland gun owners have been quieter about the "merely bad" law inflicted upon them, Maryland-based Beretta objected enough to announce it would be expanding -- in Tennessee
In some cases, anti-gun legislators ended up shooting themselves in the foot. In the months after Newtown, some Delaware politicians hoped to pass "reasonable" victim-disarmament legislation. But when a staffer mistakenly introduced a bill that revealed their real intention, they had to withdraw the bill and slink away. Their intended victims were onto them -- and could prove it.
Rage and resistance continue to build. A rally in Connecticut on April 5 drew as many as 5,000 gun owners, some lawfully bearing arms. (David Codrea was its keynote speaker.
As New York's registration deadline looms, "hardly anyone is signing up."
It seems people have not only had it with absurd, pointless gun laws. They may have finally grasped that registration leads to confiscation.
Taken one-by-one, these developments don't seem to mean much. Taken together, they're an absolutely remarkable record of resistance -- with more to come.
In old Hollywood movies and before that, in even older novels there was a phrase: "The natives are restless." This phrase usually turned up just before said natives went on a rampage against clueless "civilized" people. At that moment in the movies, you'd hear the sound of beating drums and angry hubub in a language that none of the "civilized" people could comprehend.
Well ... the natives (of formerly complacent blue states) are getting restless indeed. And too many clueless anti-gun politicians are still failing to comprehend the language of gun rights.
Just as in those old movies, this is not likely to end well for those who seek to dominate "the natives."


  1. Anti-gun activists thump their chests and brag about states where new gun control was passed last year. But they dare not mention how politicians in those states that passed the more extreme measures are now afraid, and making excuses why they haven't enforced compliance.

  2. They are beyond restless... And when you add in the Bundy response, things are coming to a head sooner rather than later...