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Friday, May 16, 2014

Here we go again....Another Elitist and "sensible gun restrictions"

I saw this link to the Daily Beast and some gentleman named Shawn VanDiver is proposing some what he calls "sensible gun restrictions" to avert the next tragedy.  My comments will be in black. Here is what he is proposing:

The fact is that thousands of deaths all across our country can be prevented with solid intelligence sharing and common sense regulation. Between 83% and 91% of the country supports background checks for all gun purchases and yet, somehow, this simple provision is consistently written out of proposed legislation. It is time that we make this a permanent policy priority rather than a set of talking points to be rolled out alongside the names of our next shooting victims.    We have a background check run everytime we purchase a firearm at a retail settings.  Now private sales are just that...private sales.  The average gun owner will not sell a firearm to a person that LEGALLY cannot own one.    Now he also has to mention "Victims"  gotta roll out the emotionalism when making a statement.  
I am proud gun owner. I’m also a single father. I do not want to ban guns but I do want to protect my son from the dangers they pose.
I love my guns, and I’m no hypocrite. But I love my son more. I love taking him to school, a movie, or simply around the block without fearing for his life. It is dangerous and shortsighted to require so little of our fellow gun owners, because—as 11-year-old Hunter’s case tragically shows—they hold the very lives of those around them in their hands.
Again rolling out the emotionalism...gotta try to dance on the blood of the innocents again.  But liberals run on emotionalism....logic is beyond them.  
So what can we do? The best proposals are all about common sense and moderation—too often four-letter words in politics. Background checks and mental health evaluations for all gun owners, on a five-year verification cycle, would be a great first step.  I already covered background checks now they throw in the "Mental Health Evaluation" every 5 years like owning a firearm is some mental illness and the person that believes in owning a firearm is somehow a mental defective.   Also having a Obamacare mandated Dr giving me a mental health exam somehow screams * you are screwed*
Requiring licenses and negligent discharge insurance would be part of common sense reform. Much like vehicles—which are also key pieces of personal property that can take lives when they are operated irresponsibly, firearms should require a license to own and operate. A tiered licensing system could apply to different types of weapons. Insurance could cover any damages caused by negligent discharge, and skyrocketing rates might prove discouraging for repeat offenders.  Now he is rolling out the "lets treat guns like cars and license and have insurance on them. with a tiered system for pistols and if you own a EBR(Evil Black Rifle) you will pay lots more money to what ever insurance company the government mandated....kinda like Obamacare.  And remember cars are regulated by the feds under the "Commerce clause"   I vaguely recall something about the 2nd amendment  A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
     Our   rights to bear arms is not to be infringed...especially from the government.  What the government givith...the government taketh away.    Our rights to self defense is both a natural right and a right that was codified under English law before the constitution was written.    So basically   "no"   

Prudent limits need to be imposed. We should consider putting a cap on the number of firearms purchased for personal use. Allowances could be made for licensed gun dealers, but home protection and hunting require don’t require individuals to keep an arsenal. At the very least, misdemeanors such as DUIs, drug charges, and white-collar crimes should be added to the list of crimes that preclude offenders from owning firearms.
By whose definition is an "arsenal?"   Your friendly neighborhood anti-gun senator?   again the term is subjective by whose definition...It is not any body business what kind of guns I own, I have multiple firearms for multiple roles.  There isn't a one size firearm for all uses....firearms are not crescent wrenches.   Also adding to the number of crimes that would preclude ownership of firearms is death by 1000 cuts, it is to whittle down the number of gun owners to almost zero.  
Opponents will no doubt ask how we intend to pay for all of these new requirements. A tax on ammunition and weapons manufacturers and end-users seems like a relevant place to start. With $617 billion spent to fund our national defense, we can certainly grab a billion or two to fund these lifesaving reforms.   What is with liberals and taxes....lawful gun owners already pay a multitude of taxes.  Also mentioning the national defense budget....why not go after the entitlement programs....Oh wait...the democrats need those to buy votes to keep themselves in power.  
For some gun-rights advocates, no amount of smart budgeting will change their mind because for them any attempt to restrict firearm ownership amounts to an assault on liberty. But most sensible people, even those who own guns and value the 2nd Amendment, understand that the exercise of rights requires some trade-offs. After all, a majority of NRA members support background checks too.    We lawful gun-owners have compromised enough, it seems for common sens gun restrictions...we have to give up something every time there is a call for common sense gun control, we lawful gun owners have to give something up....it is for the sake of "Compromise"   As I look through my well worn oxford dictionary the word compromise is basically each person gives something up to work out a deal.  Well what does the anti gunner give up.....Not a damm thing....we are the only ones that compromise every time.  The comment of "majority of NRA members support background checks" is a red herring.  He is trying to cloak his gun restriction agenda under the guise of compromise.
Tragic assaults on public safety by dangerous people are only part of the problem in the United States. A good guy with a gun can turn into a bad guy due to one slip up or a simple misunderstanding and an itchy trigger finger. It’s time we prioritize the debate on gun control and see some real change.
  Again the demagoguery "itchy trigger finger..?"  The average gun owner knows well the ramifications of having to use their firearms....the Zimmerman trial was an example of this.  Zimmerman defended himself against Trayvon Martin and he was pilloried by the media.  and certain members of society.  

This is the biggest fear of the average gun owner....But we know that we are ultimately responsible for ourselves...not the government.
Reasons to own a firearm.
1.  It is your INALIENABLE RIGHT to provide for self-defense and defense of others.
2.  In a violent attack, a firearm is the single best tool for protecting hearth and home.
3.  Criminals AVOID armed people and those they think are armed. 
4.  Obama just released 36,000 violent illegal aliens from prison.
5.  Bad people are not scared away by harsh language but 230 grains of jacketed hollow point through the gourd works pretty good.
6.  Criminals are criminals because they break the law and taking from you and yours means nothing to them.
7.  YOU are responsible for YOUR self-defense and safety.
8.  Criminals, like the ones Obama and ICE and Eric withholder just released are AMORAL. They have no problem raping, robbing, assaulting, or murdering you to get what they want.
9.  Sometimes governments have gotten too big for their britches and need to be "pruned."
FACT:  About 6,850 times a DAY Americans LEGALLY use firearms to protect themselves. (FBI)
FACT:  In every state were concealed carry laws have been passed, the murder rate and crime rate has lowered and in gun-free zones like Chicago, the murder and crime rate has skyrocketed.
FACT:  The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed.
FACT:  Roughly 200,000 women in the US use firearms to defend themselves against sexual assaults. Imagine if Paula Jones had had a firearm handy...
FACT:  Gun ownership has exploded in the USA (Obama-NRA Gun Salesman since 2009) yet firearms homicides are down 40% (FBI).
FACT:  In the UK, a strict NO GUN nation, violent crime is 4 times higher than in the USA.
FACT:  In the NO GUN UK, 125% more women are raped than in the USA.
FACT:  In the NO GUN UK, 133% more violent assaults are committed.
FACT:  In the NO GUN UK, they have the second highest overall crime rate in the EU!
FACT:  In the GUN BAN city of Chicago, in 2012, they were designated the "deadliest global city." Imagine, Chicago more dangerous than Kirachi,
Shawn VanDiver is a 12-year Navy veteran and adjunct faculty at three universities teaching military studies, national security policy, homeland security, and international security and trade. He manages corporate security and enterprise risk at a major tech company. He is a member of theTruman National Security Project’s Defense Council. Views expressed are his own.

Now I like to do a bit of background research on events and people...it is responsible journalism  But I am a blogger and I try to be accurate as possible.   I do research on people, especially people that are running on his bonifieds as a "responsible gun owner.... and a navy firearms instructor and veteran"   Well it is apparently that this Shawn is a member of Obama's "Organizing for America"  Here is the Link
The Vagabond supports Barack Obama(Meeting)
Meeting of Barack Obama supporters at the Vagabond kitchen, located in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego. There will be a 5% discount on all food and drink, as well as a 10% donation to Barack Obama's campaign. Ask for Shawn at the door. Please RSVP so we know how many to prepare for.
Shawn VanDiver
Contact Phone:
The Vagabond (San Diego, CA)
2310 30th st
San DiegoCA 92104

  We have this elitist tool spouting off crap and they are hoping that people will accept his credentials and buy off on his bullcrap.  This guy is a hack for the Obama administration and he is trying to play himself off as the "average American."    What a load.  This guy reminds me of that Army colonel that pushed his version of "gun control" and he really had pissed Me Off  Now we have this guy trying the same time.   I will use the same response that I used to the colonel.


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