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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"How a bill becomes law..."

   Remember the "schoolhouse Rock that was around when I was a kid.  they were corny but they helped us kids remember some stuff like multiplication rules and of course "vowels".  I wonder what kids today use...?

"I'm Just a Bill" is a Schoolhouse Rock! segment, featuring a song of the same title written by Dave Frishberg. The segment debuted as part of "America Rock", the third season of the Schoolhouse Rock series, in 1975. The song featured in the segment is sung by Jack Sheldon (the voice of the Bill) and his son (the boy learning the process). It is about how a bill becomes a law, how it must go through Congress, and how it can be vetoed, etc.
The Bill is for the law that school buses must stop at railroad crossings. In the song, the Bill becomes a law. In reality, such a bill has never been approved by the United States Congress (traffic laws are typically handled at the state legislature level, and several states have such a law).
The song was covered by The Folk Implosion as "Deluxx Folk Implosion" for Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks in 1996.

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  1. Too bad they don't go into all the backroom deals that get cooked... sigh