The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Assorted Musings and other politically incorrect thought.

First off...I again apologize for the lack of postings..I have been very busy this week with "meatspace stuff" ..Normally I try to post something at least 1 time a day.  I have been remiss in my duties....I will try to post something everyday....even if it is a bugs bunny cartoon or something.

   Now to make some intemperate thoughts....I heard yesterday that the CDC released the results of a survey that had sampled millions of people and apparently 3% of the American population self identifies as "Gay,Lesbian, Bi-gender, Transgender".  And the rabid gay lobby is beside themselves in fury" How dare they use the same sampling that before was ok by them if it supported their agenda now work against them."  So basically the entire PC movement and outrage that you hear in the media is caused by 3% of the population....Talk about the minority controlling the narrative.  We have 3% of the population that is driving social discourse and the manufactured outrage that spills over into twitter, Facebook, and other social media.  SO basically we have 3% of the population that wanted "tolerance" from everybody else when they got started, now they have control of the narrative, they squelch any dissenting opinions of their beliefs...

I have a phrase on my blog that is from Charlton Heston " Political correctness is tyranny with manners..."Basically they use the innate social goal of everybody being nice and using it to squash any opinions that they don't like and want you to feel bad if you say something intolerant.  So it is like before we had "free Speech" now it is "free Speech" if they agree with it.  And if you have an opinion that is different, you keep it to your self.   That is what the people in communist bloc or places where tyranny is the rule of law people do to stay under the radar to avoid the attention of the state security forces or groups that openly support the agenda of the state.

     Also I have heard that Israel has finally invaded GAZA because of the myriad of  rockets thrown by HAMAS and Israel has had enough.  Now watch the gnashing of teeth and the smearing of ash and ripping of sackcloth in mock outrage by all the assorted leftist that don't like the state of Israel and would love to see them wiped out.

      I have seen articles of people trotting out dead children due to the retaliation of Israel. Now we do know that the Israeli and Hamas have a different style of fighting.  Israel warns the population where they are fixing to go, whereas the Hamas will load more people over there to maximize the potential body count for the sympathetic world media.
The professional mourners will be out in force to drag out the bodies of children, I saw a few pictures the last they squabbled the same women would get in front of the camera and wail for her loss...also the posing of assorted stuffed animals in the area to tug at the heart string of the world media is very effective.

     Also the shootdown of the Malaysian Jet the first thing I though of was "dang, that company stock is taking a beating right now." immediately followed by the thought that it was the Russians behind this, I don't see the Ukraine being this stupid...they are in a social war with the Russians and they need the media and the world on their side.   The Russians don't care what the world thinks.,.,.


  1. Well said and all on the money... sigh

  2. First off...I again apologize for the lack of postings.

    Blogging should to reflect our views and lives, not control them. Your stuff is quality. Offer it up when ready.

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Thank you

      Hey Doug;

      Thank you for your kind words, I enjoy blogging for I find it therapeutic. it helps me organize my thoughts.