The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just Do....Don't hesitate

 First off..My quick opinion of the unrest in Baltimore Maryland, the liberal female democrat mayor let the rioters "have room to protest and burn."  Well the protestors took full advantage of the Mayor's discretion....despite a bunch of cops getting hurt, she initially backed the protestors.  If I was a person that got hurt during those protest or had my property destroyed...the city would be facing a lawsuit.  Also the Department of Justice is sending people down there to help......With Holder/Lynch in charge...who will the D.O.J be assisting...the cops or the rioters....

   Now here is the information on the latest saint of the inner city.....

    This is the guy the hoodrats are burning down parts of the city for.   Now if a white guy had died at the hands of the police...there would have been a quiet funeral, and the family will mourn....But since it is a black criminal.....they go all out burning, looting, and pillaging.      

 I shamelessly clipped this one from DaddyBear's facebook page, who shamelessly clipped it from here.  Here was my comment..." That one is worth remembering. It is better to die on my feet than on my knees...you only go to Valhalla one way. A good plan and a big stick violently executed works better than a perfect plan and glock in the safe."   

If I may offer some advice....

I get inundated with "security advice" questions all the time in life. Riot breaks out somewhere, the emails and phone calls come in. Spree shooter sets about murdering as many people as he possibly can, the emails and phone calls come in. A bad guy goes an...well you get the picture.

There's always this string of questions. What caliber? What plan? What tactic? What bag should I EDC (every day carry) and what gear should I EDC in my EDC bag?

Questions, questions, questions.

Allow me to answer in brevity that is devoid of any sarcasm and is the most sincerest answer I know to give.

When the wolf comes to kill don't worry about the sheep, don't worry what kind of dog you may be or may not be. Don't worry about getting killed, don't worry about the aftermath, don't worry...about anything.


Make a decision to stop the wolf and then go stop him.

Stop him where he stands by whatever means necessary and don't do it with kindness, don't do it with anger, do it with sincere an solid intent that he will never stand again.

We live in a very modern age but the bad men of the world are very old in their ways and desire. And for old problems new answers are rarely the solution.

You stop a bad man by making a decision. That decision is all that will matter until the future of everything being over arrives. Give no yield, no quarter, no pause. Do nothing less than be victorious. There is no shortage of bad men in the world and there will never be a shortage of such men. But they, the creatures that go bump in the night, the wolves at the door, are thwarted by decision and decisive action.

It's not caliber, capacity, polymer nor steel that overcomes the evil of this world but rather bravery.

Be brave. Be Brave. Be Brave.


  1. Great post there! I agree with you. SMH at all that nonsense.

  2. Did you write the "Be Brave" part? Because it sure looks like what Matthew posted 2 days ago...


    ...and I don't see any attribution

  3. disregard- didn't scroll up far enough - sorry

    1. Hey Mark,

      I was fixing to comment that "yes there are the attributes at the Linkie". I will shamelessly borrow somebody elses stuff if I really like it. And Mathew wrote a real good one, so I added it to my blog. What I also do is add to whatever I "borrow". Others have some the same to me when I go off on a tangent. I will also let the blogger in question know that I am doing this and link to their site.

  4. "Borrowing" is free advertising for the original blogger. Thank you for directing traffic to the authors I respect.

    I like your blog a lot.