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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Watched a Movie through Netflix "Emperor"

I have recently gotten "netflix" and I like to watch historical movies,   Over a year ago I had watched a movie called Yamato.  Now I had a movie called "Emperor" showed up in my que...and I watched it and it was to me pretty good.  Sure it is fictionalized to an extent but the background was excellently done as were the background actors.  It did mention the attempted coup against the emperor Hirohito when he wanted to make peace with the Allies.  there was a lot of history in the background and to me is worthy on that alone.  If you are in historical movies, and have a couple of hours to kill, it is a good move.  

In the largely unexplored world of the early days of the American Occupation following Japan's catastrophic defeat, Emperor tells a fictionalized account based on the real life story of US Army Brigadier General Bonner Frank Fellers (Mathew Fox) who served under General Douglas MacArthur (Tommy Lee Jones). Fellers is given the impossible task to investigate the Emperor's role in the lead-up to war, most specifically his involvement in the decision to attack Pearl Harbor within ten days. This is a great responsibility to which Fellers, a known Japan aficionado who had spent time in Japan before the war, must handle delicately, or risk a general uprising or worse. He will question the accused Class -A War Criminals such as Wartime Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, Former Prime Minister Konoe, and Koichi Kido while confronting prejudice from a resentful populace and other American soldiers. Complicating this task is General Richter (Colin Moy) who is bent on derailing Fellers' investigation in order to justify revenge upon the Emperor. As Richter conveys the American Public's demand for revenge, "Revenge is not Justice" argues Fellers. To conduct his investigation, Fellers is assigned a staff and further assisted by Takahashi (Haneda Masayoshi) who is assigned to him as both interpreter and driver who serves diligently without reservation. Takahashi is initially treated with cold indifference by Fellers who is both under the strain of his investigation and his preoccupation with finding his pre-war love interest Aya Shimada (Hatsune Eriko) to which Fellers deliberately steered bombing missions away from her home, Richter will attempt to use this information against him. Post-War tensions, dramatic sets, period costume, and an all star international cast make Emperor a most revealing riveting drama of the Post-War Era.

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  1. Ya gotta love Tommy Lee Jones! I might have to watch that as well. Netflix is da bomb. And don't forget to watch Longmire!