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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Some things never change....

I had this picture in my stash for a while, to me it shows that even though times change, some things still remain the same.
   I remembered joining the Army and joining my ancestors as they say, every male in my family if they were able, were in the Military, it is part of how we honor the privileges of being a citizen of the republic and what we do to be good citizens.  People whom served tend to know the sacrifices that are necessary to be a good informed citizen of the republic.  We don't take stuff for granted.
     I also am using this to show something else. Bob Hope came to see the troops in the middle east in 1990.  I was not fortunate to see him.  My dad was in Vietnam the same time Bob came to do his U.S.O shows.  Even though he didn't see Bob Hope, it was heartening to see something that the G.I's in WWII saw.  It shows a history if you will, something that is in the timeline and that is very comforting to a G.I.  
       I use the Viking prayer to show the same thing...our forefathers doing the same thing we are doing and that is comforting. 


  1. Wonderful post and thank you for your service!

  2. Wonderful post and thank you for your service!

  3. I am pretty sure that if photography had been available we would have a similar image featuring two Roman legionnaires and a ballista. A very small Nit to Pick; the top photo features a German Panzerschreck which weren't in the field until 1943. Sua Sponte.