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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The goings on at Casa de Kona

I will be going camping this weekend for our Klondike.  I will attempt to load a few thing on the scheduler thingie.    For Christmas Mrs Claus brought me the following item...
Belt Buckle

I normally don't "do" belt buckles but I did want something to go with my scout uniform, especially when I wear my "Formal Class A" as I call it, the one with all my patches and awards on it.   And speaking of awards, I was surprised greatly at the leaders banquet with this one..
  We call it the "DAM" award.   I apparently had quite a few letters of recommendations from Mac, a few of my scoutmaster friends,  and they read the one from my son out loud.  Man all I can say is that there was a lot of dust in that room.  I was totally blown away and humbled that people thought well enough of me to do this.  
     On a different note, I am planning another range trip when my schedule slows down.  I am feeling the need for some recoil therapy.  I will contact Eric from ammoman to see if they have some 6.5X55 swedish mauser, the only rifle that I havn't fired since the end of the 80's.  and I might drag out one of my other old rifles and make it an old school rifle shoot.  One day I will have an M1A to my collection or a Henry Rifle in .357 caliber..Yes I am dreaming...but You gotta dream to make it come true...
    On a different note, the local politicians are talking about the latest bill submitted by the local dems to strip the rights from law abiding Georgians, I don't see it passing this legislative session...but I don't put anything past Bloomburg and his astroturf anti-gun groups to flood the cycle with money and skew the vote.
     And the local Kroger and Walmart are out of bread, beer and milk...there will be the word "snow" mentioned and people here go apeshitcrazy and stampede the grocery store...they buy stuff that they will not need and have to throw away once it goes bad.....That is why I keep 30 days supply of food at the house.   Not that I am paranoid.  I am not a LDS but one of the tenet of their religion is to keep extra food and water at the house.  That part I do agree with, too many people live hand to mouth existence.

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