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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Police Recruitment with a Star Wars flair

Yes I am channeling my inner geek with these video's.  Apparently Forth Worth Police Dept are using Star Wars as a recruitment aid.    I am continuing from the post I did Yesterday with the "Storm Trooper Performance in Contemporary Operations".  I will look for some stuff relating to Star Trek,

Interviewing Darth Vader

Storm Trooper at the Range...

Storm Troopers with the theme from "Cops"

Troops is a mockumentary film by Kevin Rubio, which made its debut on the Internet in 1997. The film is a parody of COPS, set in the Star Wars universe. In the film, Imperial stormtroopers from the infamous Black Sheep Squadron patrolling the Dune Sea on the planet Tatooine run into some very familiar characters

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