The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Virtue signalling or depravity by Kathy Griffin....Your decision

The problem with the left is that they are all about virtue signalling to each other to see who is the "purest" of the pure.  To an average leftist, this is what it is all about.  To be relevant to the cause, and especially to a celebrity, they have to be on the cutting edge of the social movement because Hollywood is one huge echo chamber and grouphivethink and if you deviate it from one iota, you are cast out.  To the average leftist it is important to be on the cutting edge because this is all that they are about, they have no soul anymore, they have sold it off a long time ago. They have no depth of character anymore, it is gone, also sold off with their integrity. 
     This is a danger, I have touched on this subject before, they have demonized their political opponents to such a degree that they believe that we are sub human and we deserve everything bad that happens to us.  This is the precursor to genocide.
I shamelessly ripped this off from a friend of mine in FB,  This guy is a retired Army EOD, working as an air marshal and studying to be a lawyer...Don't hold the last one against him, he is a real good guy.

There's a picture of Kathy Griffin holding a beheaded Donald Trump. There is no difference between the four pictures, they are all equally disgusting. Kathy Griffin is not funny nor entertaining. She's annoying, and her annual New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper leaves me asking "why is this on the air?"
I think the picture is reprehensible. If that had been a picture of President Obama, I think you would see a whole different response. Why is she not under investigation by the Secret Service. This is not art or freedom of expression, it's hate speech and it is threatening.
I'm sure more than a few snowflakes got a big chuckle over this. Note, its not remotely funny. The liberals cheer for his demise, root for his failure, and leak classified and sensitive information without regard to US Laws or the oath of office they took when taking the position. Disclosure is against the law and a violation of your security clearance.
If you are a US Citizen, he is your President. He represents you and me equally. You may not have voted for him, but to go to this level of depravity is inexcusable.
Kathy Griffin's disgusting behavior is symbolic of what the left thinks and believes. Like a moderate Muslim who would never strap on an explosive device and walk into a crowed market, Liberals like them, will give the act tactile approval of the event, fund it, watch it, laugh about it and hope for the caliphate. Or in this case, a change in executive leadership.
You are free to disagree, you are free to peacefully protest, you can voice your opinion, what you cannot do is commit to violence as a way of social change.
We have lost the ability to talk about what we disagree on, we have lost the ability to discuss issues, we have become polarized to the point where if you do not believe the same things or way I believe, then you are my enemy. We have become the nation of the offended. I'm sorry to say this will be the legacy of our generation.

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  1. Depravity... And I truly hope she pays, BIG TIME!