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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It is OVER!!

Look at the excited faces at CNN when they announced
the results of the special election.....I think they and the AJC will
be on suicide watch.

    Well after the Democrats dumped about 30 million dollars into this special election
and were trying to turn this into a referendum on the Trump presidency and were touting
"Jon Ossoff" whom didn't even live in the district but ran and somehow he was on the ballot
I guess residency rules don't apply I guess.  But anyhow after listening to the orgasmic job from
CNN, MSNBC and of course the local paper, the AJC  whom described Jon Ossoff in reverent
tones and that he would put a stick in the bicycle tires of the Trump administration.  He was
touted as the "Trump Killer" to the base to get them inflamed and out in force to get Ossoff
elected.  I was amazed at the lack of knowledge of the democrats and the editors at the AJC
when I told them that Ossoff will be a very junior congress critter and totally beholding to
Pelosi and Schumer for any committee spots.  He will be an extension of their policies and
will lose the 2018 election once the 6th district figures it out.   But Karen Handel did win
but I am still concerned that if the GOP don't get their act together the Democrats will pick up
seats in 2018.

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