The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pithy musings...

I am working on my next installment of the Red Storm Rising post and here in GA we have the 6th congressional race going on, the voting is today.   The Congressman that had the office took a position with the Trump administration.  We have had 2 people running, one is a regular fixture of Georgia politics and her name is Karen Handel and she is a staunch Republican and the Democrats are running a guy named "Jon Ossoff", The money spent on this race is about 20 million dollars.  and 95% of Ossoff funding comes from out of state.  The democrats have been touting him to their base as a "Trump Killer"and a moderate who will work with the GOP, I laugh if he gets elected, he ain't going to do anything but suck up to the house leadership because he has to depend on Pelosi and Schumer for positions on any committee's because he is a junior congresscritter.   The total lack of knowledge displayed by the democrats and the editorials from the Atlanta Journal/Constitution speak of this guy in orgasmic tones I just shake my head at the total lack of civic knowledge.  The good thing is that after today the adds touting both candidates and denigrating the other will stop.


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    1. Hey Old NFO

      Yes she won and I am pleased...crushed the Democrats again

  2. Ossoff was the last of the Democrats' 2017 "Trump slayers", and despite tens of millions of dollars Democrats threw at the race, Ossoff lost. Dems initially seemed to think Georgia's 6th District would be easy pickin's. I have to wonder what impact this year's string of Democrat defeats in special elections will have on Democrat fundraising for 2018's congressional races. I'd presume much of the cash spent on special elections this year would have otherwise gone into the 2018 races. And potential 2018 Democrat donors may think twice seeing 2017 delivered a solid string of Democrat special election losses.

    1. Hey Doug

      Ossoff lost, I was concerned a bit, I wondered if the "reopened" voter registration they did after the runoff was announced would bring in a bunch of votes that were canvassed by the democrats. You are correct about how this will this affect fundraising for 2018, especially if I recall, the Democrats spent a lot more money than the Republicans did. I just hope the GOP don't get cocky and blow off the 2018 elections. Now if Trump will can Prebis..