The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Trump Pulled us out of the Paris agreement....

Well accoording to the angry left, Trump shafted our grand-kids and retreated from the world stage by pulling us out of the Paris accords and they are having an apocalyptic fit from the news and Drudge.

    My attitude......Good!, the climate change is income distribution on a grand scale from the industrialized world to the 3rd world,  The leaders fly around in their jets especially Al the hypocrite Gore and every time he flies somewhere he barfs out more carbon than the average American family does in a year....but somehow we have to be on the hook for it?
      These climate change fanatics think that man controls the weather. Nope. Look up in the sky. See that big yellow ball? That is what controls the weather. Six hundred years ago the planet was warmer than it is now. At that time Greenland was actually green. That is how it got its name. It was self-sufficient. Was the world a worse place back then? Nope. Were there a lot of SUVs and coal fired power plants back then? Nope. Then, the Little Ice Age hit. Greenland was no longer self-sufficient. The climate in Vineland (the part of North America the Vikings visited) was no longer benevolent.
Back in the 70’s the big worry was global cooling as the Environmental fanatics thought we were headed into another ice age. All of the climate models showed it. Now, we’re heating up. Except we are not. That’s why they had to change the name from global warming to global cooling to climate change. "Climate Change" is just a scam to cripple capitalist economies and to scam them into giving money to Third World countries. Of course, that money won’t go to the countries but to their corrupt rulers. The real science deniers are the Climate change crowd who won’t release their raw climate data and refuse to subject it to rigorous scientific testing.
     A volcano spews more CO2 into the atmosphere than man does. And where does this crap that CO2 is bad comes from? It is an essential gas for life on this planet.   I swear these people are the new "Chicken Littles" of the modern age.    The scientist that have bought into the "global warming" scam do it to guarentee funding and if anybody disagrees with them, OMG,,"Heresy" and the offenders are "Tarred and feathered" professionally.  It is like the witch hunts of the modern era, if you disagree with dogma the modern age inquisition pays you a visit.
      Now I will tell what I believe will happen...Trump will revisit this in a few months and make a new deal and then pass it to the senate for ratification as it should have been done in the first place and let the democrats that are in danger of losing their seats vote "Yes" or "No".  This will be constitutionally sound and give him political cover.


  1. That's what happens when you use a pen and a phone... AND bypass congress... Oopsie... Too bad, so sad. And it's time for us to STOP paying and kowtowing when India and China faced absolutely NO controls or reductions.

  2. The reaction has been fun to watch. First the media was full of apocalyptic tales of Trump's withdrawl leading to sure climate disaster. Now that the weekend's here, I'm seeing Lefty media insist the Paris agreement was non-binding, so Trump's move was nothing but political theater. Such is the way when hysteria rules - those spreading the hysteria take little notice of their own inaccuracies and contradictions. For the record, the UN seems to say the Paris climate accord is a hybrid of binding and non-binding elements. And it was Obama who failed to seek senate ratification, apparently knowing what was in the deal would never get past senate scrutiny.