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Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Day 2017

My employer had a Veterans day celebration at my job and it was pretty neat, I will post pics in a day or so.  I have to go to work tonight so I don't have time to set it up.

I and many Veterans  appreciate this day, we don't go looking for praise but it is nice to have a day where our duty and sacrifice is celebrated.  We Veterans get together with our fellow brothers and sisters and share stories and memories of stuff that usually we don't talk about except with each other.  Our experiences are unique and with 1% of the American population that serves or have served our experience are different.  Veterans with few exceptions know people most likely family members that have served and this is the trait that defines us.  We are basically the warrior class of our society.  I have served as have my brother, My dad, granddad served, uncles, and cousins.  People who walk the rampart have had family do the same for it is a family tradition.
    To my fellow Veterans....I Salute you


  1. So...to MrGarabaldi & to all Veterans - & especially to my brothers & sisters in arms from the 2nd MI Bn (AE) - I salute you! Have a blessed day! Sie sind immer in meinem Herz...

    1. Hey Kainosktisis777;

      Thank you also from your fellow brothers and sisters from the 2nd MI Bn, 207th MI BDE, And I miss Snoopy's

  2. Ahhhh, don't we all miss Snoopy's...? ;-)