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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

18 examples of the Nanny state...coming to your town real soon.

Feel free to add to the list......

Before you read this list from the Economic Collapse, understand that these items listed below are not all necessarily bad things. Banning smoking in parks and plazas certainly carries a healthy message, but the means by which these rules and laws are implemented is concerning.
Is there a line to draw? If so, where? You decide for yourself:
#1 New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he wants to ban the sale of all large sodas and sugary drinks in order to fight obesity.
#2 In North Carolina, authorities are threatening to send a blogger to prison for blogging about his battle against diabetes.
#3 In San Francisco, if you do not recycle your trash correctly you can be fined up to $500.
#4 The following are just some of the cities that have started using RFID tracking chips to monitor the recycling habits of their citizens….
  • Cleveland, Ohio – Charlotte
  • North Carolina
  • Alexandria, Virginia
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Flint, Michigan
#5 In Minnetonka, Minnesota you can be fined up to $2,000 for having a muddy vehicle.
#6 In Hazelwood, Missouri it is against the law for little girls to sell girl scout cookies in front of their own homes.
#7 San Francisco has implemented a ban on Happy Meal toys.
#8 Over the past couple of years there have been quite a few instances all over the country where lemonade stands run by children have been shut down by police because the children had not acquired the proper permits.
#9 State legislatures all over the country have been passing legislation making it more difficult for parents to opt out of having their children vaccinated.
#10 In many U.S. states is it now illegal to collect any rain that falls on to your own property.
#11 In San Juan Capistrano, California it is against the law to hold a home Bible study without a “conditional use permit“.
#12 In New York City, it is against the law to smoke at public parks and beaches.
#13 In California,”food confiscation teams” visit the homes of people that have been discovered to have purchased raw milk.
#14 In Hilton Head, South Carolina it is illegal to have trash in your car.
#15 In major cities all over the United States feeding the homeless has been banned due to “health reasons”.
#16 In Louisiana, one church was ordered to stop passing out water because it did not have the proper permit.
#17 At public schools all over the United States, the lunches that little children bring from home are now inspected to make sure that they meet USDA guidelines. One North Carolina girl was told her turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips and apple juice did not meet USDA guidelines.
#18 Today, a vast array of government agencies are constantly monitoring what all of us say and do on the Internet.  They claim that this helps makes us all more “safe” and “secure”

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