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Sunday, July 19, 2015

A book I am reading now...Movie and the A350...

This is a quick post and an apologies to my blog readers, I have been busy...and I will blame this ..

     I could shameless blame Old NFO for this....and I will...he can handle it.  Seriously now, reading his books are like visiting old friends, you know when you read a series of books and you like the characters and wish the world had more like these.  The storyline is based on the situation with the Tex -Mex border and the smuggling cartel wanting to continue moving product and people, and the ruthlessness of the cartel to squash all that stand in their way. On the other hand we have the main characters just trying to continue living their lives as a family....strange family with the cast of characters that are there, but a very good group of characters.  Like I said, reading his books is like visiting old friends and watching them change as life takes them through the rivers of time and the eddies of life.  Very enjoyable.
Good book...Good Coffee...quiet Morning...

    You can buy your own copy Here.   Mr Curtis will also do "Dead Tree" versions for those that like the real books in their hands.  He will also sign them..you just contact him via the link  or through his Website.

   My son is wanting to go to see a movie the latest terminator saga, so we will go to see this Sunday Afternoon. 

And finally I will talk about my Airbus A350 XWB experience after my Monday Music I will post tomorrow......

A350 continuing her American Tour


  1. I agree! Great books. Now I am addicted. He really needs to churn those out faster. LOL

  2. Thank you sir! I appreciate the good words!