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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Barocky Road

Barocky Road

In honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: Barocky Road .

Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes. The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

The cost is $82.84 per scoop...so out of a hundred dollar bill you are at least promised some CHANGE..!

When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but after you pay for it, the ice cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you at no charge.

You are left with an empty wallet, staring at an empty cone and wondering what just happened.

Stimulating isn't it?

Editor's Note: Source Unknown

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shuttle and Space Station

Over Ice


When you drink Vodka over ice, it can give you kidney failure,
When you drink Rum over ice, it can give you liver failure, 
When you drink whiskey over ice, it can give you heart problems,
When you drink Gin over ice, it can give you brain problems.
Apparently, ice is really bad for you.
Warn all your friends

South Korea

I have been watching the situation over in Korea for a while and I have a gut feeling that there will be fighting soon in the hermit kingdom.  North Korea has a myriad of  economic issues all relating to the discredited marxist based economic system that the same clowns want to impose on us.  They have a large starving population and a dear leader that wants to reunite the Korean pennsula by force as his dad tried to do in June 1950.  North korea may try something because they have nothing to lose.  We are viewed as weak in the world, we are withdrawing our forces from 2 conflicts, the military is tired and battered by the 10 years of war operations.  We have a vacillating president that is more concerned about getting reelected for a second term and transforming our country rather than leading from the front as Presidents are expected to do.  If I was the military, I would start pulling out more dependents out of that country and staging equipment in Okinawa and Yokosuka Japan especially air assets and more naval assets.
     I am guessing that if they struck it will be in 2 times, either in the heavy start of the cold season, they don't care if some conscript freezes to death, they all belong to their dear leader.  life is cheap....really cheap for a stalinist regime.  or they will attack in may, that gives them the entire summer and fall to make gains before the cold season hits.  Either way it will be nasty and our vacillating president will not do anything because he wants to win elections and has a propensity to throw our allies under the bus.

US, South Korea to Increase Defense Posture Against North Korea

Steve Herman | Seoul October 28, 2011
The U.S. and South Korea have pledged to "advance combat readiness capabilities" near the disputed sea border with North Korea, warning against any future aggression by Pyongyang. The warning came as defense leaders of the two military allies met for their annual security consultative meeting.
Speaking at a news conference in Seoul Friday, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and his South Korean counterpart, Kim Kwan-jin, said provocations by North Korea similar to a pair of deadly attacks last year will not be tolerated.
The two defense chiefs announced a joint commitment to "advance combat readiness capabilities" in and around the tense, disputed maritime border off the west coast of the Korean peninsula.
Panetta pledged the United States will sustain and enhance its military presence on the peninsula and in the Asian region despite the threat of deep cutbacks in the U.S. military budget.
"Together we will ensure a strong and effective alliance deterrence posture, including the United States' nuclear umbrella, so that Pyongyang never misjudges our will and our capability to respond decisively to nuclear aggression," he said.
Tensions have been high on the Korean Peninsula since the deadly sinking of a South Korean warship that Seoul blamed on Pyongyang, followed by North Korea's artillery attack on a South Korean border island that killed four people.
The North has denied any responsibility in the sinking of the warship. But Pyongyang has defended its shelling of Yeonpyeong island last November, saying it was in response to a South Korean provocation during a military exercise there.
South Korean Defense Minister Kim calls the possibility of fresh provocations next year by North Korea "very high."
Kim says if there is such an incident, South Korea would initially respond with its own forces and then, if an expanded counter-attack is needed, additional assets of the U.S. military would be included.
The United States maintains more than 28,000 military personnel in South Korea.
Diplomats from the United States and North Korea this week held a rare second round of direct talks in Geneva. The discussions are intended to explore resuming six-nation talks on Pyongyang's nuclear programs.
The talks - involving both Koreas, the United States, China, Russia and Japan - have not been held for nearly three years. North Korea in 2009 announced it was quitting the talks. Subsequently it exploded a second nuclear device and test-launched additional advanced missiles.
U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta expressed doubts that talks between Washington and Pyongyang will convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons programs.
Panetta and Kim on Friday expressed additional concern about North Korea's revelation last year that it now also has a uranium enrichment program. They called the program a "grave threat," saying it gives Pyongyang a second path to making nuclear weapons.
They urged North Korea to "demonstrate its genuine will toward denuclearization through concrete actions." Both Washington and Seoul have repeatedly said abandoning nuclear weapons is a pre-requisite for resuming the six-nation talks. Pyongyang has said there should be no pre-conditions.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Caatholic University is accused of being mean to muslim students....

Am I missing something here.....?  lessee...a PRIVATE CATHOLIC University is being accused of violating the civil rights of wannabe suicide bombers muslim students that are attending a PRIVATE NOT PUBLIC CATHOLIC University?   Couple of questions:  Why are a bunch of "I die in the name of allah"  muslim students doing in a private catholic university and they want special rights.  I am sure if a Catholic or a Christian student went to a islamic school....besides the fact that they wouldn't let him/her in because of the infidel thing, a Catholic students would have to expect islamic or arabic influances with no expectation of Christian artifacts would be allowed or a study group because as all infidels know..that islam is over sensitive and everything is sacred and holy to the explode are us   islamic students.  I am highly irritated that we are expected to be tolerant of them and respect their culture and it is not reciprocated.    The double standards is galling.

The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights confirmed that it is investigating allegations that Catholic University violated the human rights of Muslim students by not allowing them to form a Muslim student group and by not providing them rooms without Christian symbols for their daily prayers.
The investigation alleges that Muslim students “must perform their prayers surrounded by symbols of Catholicism – e.g., a wooden crucifix, paintings of Jesus, pictures of priests and theologians which many Muslim students find inappropriate.”
A spokesperson for the Office of Human Rights told Fox News they had received a 60-page complaint against the private university. The investigation, they said, could take as long a six months.
The complaint was filed by John Banzhaf, an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School. Banzhaf has been involved in previous litigation against the school involving the same-sex residence halls. He also alleged in his complaint involving Muslim students that women at the university were being discriminated against. You can read more on those allegations by clicking here.
Banzhaf said some Muslim students were particularly offended because they had to meditate in the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”
“It shouldn’t be too difficult somewhere on the campus for the university to set aside a small room where Muslims can pray without having to stare up and be looked down upon by a cross of Jesus,” he told Fox News.
A spokesman for Catholic University released a statement to Fox News indicating they had not seen any legal filings — but would respond once they do.
“Our faithfulness to our Catholic tradition has also made us a welcome home to students of other religions,” said  Victor Nakas, associate vice president for public affairs. “No students have registered complaints about the exercise of their religions on our campus.”
In a 2010 interview with National Public Radio, university president John Garvey acknowledged that they don’t set aside prayer rooms for Muslim students.
“We make classrooms available, or our chapels are places where they can pray,” he told NPR. “We don’t offer Halal meat, although there are always meals that conform to Halal regulations, that allow students to do what they want.”
Banzhaf said that it is technically not illegal for Catholic University to refuse to provide rooms devoid of religious icons.

“It may not be illegal, but it suggests they are acting improperly and probably with malice,” he said. “They do have to pray five times a day, they have to look around for empty classrooms and to be sitting there trying to do Muslim prayers with a big cross looking down or a picture of Jesus or a picture of the Pope  is not very conductive to their religion.”
As for the creation of a Muslim student group, Banzhaf said the university has an association of Jewish students – so why not a Muslim group?
“I think they are entitled as a matter of law to be able to form a Muslim student association and to have the same privileges as associations,” he said. “I think that most of them would much prefer to have a place to pray – that they are not surrounded by various Catholic symbols – a place that is more conductive to their religious beliefs than being surrounded by pictures of Popes.”
Garvey, in his 2010 interview with NPR, addressed that issue.
“It’s just not something that we view as an activity that we want to sponsor because we’re a Catholic institution rather than Muslim,” he said.
Patrick Reilly, the president of the Cardinal Newman Society, an organization that promotes Catholic identity among Catholic schools, seemed stunned by the complaint.
“I don’t know what the attorney wants them to do – if he wants them to actually move the Basilica or if the Muslim students can find someplace where they don’t have to look at it,” he told Fox News.
Catholic University, he said, is a Catholic institution.
“One wouldn’t expect a Jewish institution to be responsible for providing liturgical opportunities for other faiths and I wouldn’t expect a Catholic institution to do that,” he said.
“This attorney is really turning civil rights on its head,” he said. “He’s using the law for his own discrimination against the Catholic institution and essentially saying Catholic University cannot operate according to Catholic principles.”

     Read all the bullshit here

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A special message from Dear Leader

I got this from here

Hello American Voter,

They say time flies when you're having fun, and those four years sure went by real fast. Between the golfing and the legislating, the bailing out and the spending, suddenly you stop and wonder where the time went. I was just dancing the night away in sunny Rio, after committing American forces to a war that one of my advisers thought was a good idea, when suddenly it hit me and I stopped the samba and said. "Hey Michelle, isn't it time for another one of those elections."

I like elections myself. And if you're anything like me, you like them too. The campaigns are like this huge party that goes on for a whole year. And then when it's over, they throw you an even bigger party. There's lots of free food, you fly around on a jet plane to all the important states and everyone wants to have their picture taken with you. Some of my advisers are telling me that I might lose this one, but I don't believe that for a second. I mean how in the world could I lose?

Sure some of you are sore about the economy. I don't know why. All my top economic advisers, including that GE guy, say that we're in full recovery. Hell, I've been spending money like crazy. If there was anything wrong with the economy, wouldn't the money just run out? The problem is some of you just ain't educated enough. Now I go on campaign stops to some podunk little town in some state you couldn't normally pay me to visit and see all these dumb idiots standing around and asking where the jobs are. "Where are the jobs at, my man?" The jobs are in government. The canneries ain't coming back. The factories aren't returning from China. If you want to work, you work for the government. Like me.

Here's how you get started. You need to go to the right schools. It helps if your grandmother was a bank president and your father an international diplomat. But if you don't got that, it's okay too. See what really counts is a story. You gotta have a story about finding yourself. I wrote a bunch of admissions essays about that and a bunch of books about it. It didn't just get me into Columbia and Harvard, it got me into the White House. Now it's 2012 and I'm gonna be making a whole bunch of speeches and most of those speeches are gonna about my growth and development. How I want to use what I learned to help all you dopes who don't got it going on like I do. Same thing I wrote up for Columbia.

Hell of an admissions essay isn't it? It's gonna get me into the White House over and over again till I get bored and go do something else. Some of my advisers tell me I should go run the UN, but have you seen the house the President of the UN lives in? That's right. He ain't got no house. No fleet of jets either. And he can't just bomb any country cause he wants to. Maybe I'll stick around here till say 2024. Then I'll turn over all the sovereignty to the UN if they make me the President of the World.

So what was I saying? Yeah life is just like college. And most of those dopes asking for jobs, they never even went. Instead they spent their lives working with their hands. Who the hell wants to do that for a living? Even worse some of them were in the army. Like my man Kerry said, you gotta to college or you get stuck in Iraq. And he oughta know, he was in one of those army things. Now I'm stuck in Iraq, but I'm not 'stuck' in Iraq like some twenty something from Nebraska or Iowa. I'm 'Stuck in Iraq' in Rio. They're stuck in Iraq in Basra. You get me?

I don't know why anyone wouldn't go to college. It's great. You party all the time, smoke pot and BS your professors. If they ever call you on it, just tell them that as a Half-African who grew up in Indonesia you have a different cultural perspective that doesn't fit into their Euro-centric worldview. That's an automatic A right there. They love that stuff. Just stick to the humanities. Avoid those uptight science and math guys. You can't convince em that 2 + 2 = 5 if you really want it to be. That's what I've got Paul Krugman for.

If you're one of those dopes, maybe you're thinking to yourself right now, "But Barry, I'm not smart enough for college." Smart? You gotta be stupid to think you need brains to go to college. College is a system like everything else. You gotta work the system. It's not about what you know, but who you know. You're not there to learn anything except how to work the system. First thing to do is make contacts. You make the right contacts and you'll never have to work a day in your life. And now look at me. I play more golf than retired CEO's. I got celebrities lining up kiss my ass. Every time something happens anywhere in the world, they call me for help. I'm like Jesus, except even cooler.

Sure maybe I didn't do all the stuff I promised I would. But come on man, that stuff is hard. You ever try to end a war or fix an economy? Most I ever did was run for office. If they wanted somebody who would fix an economy, they should have hired an accountant or something. You want someone who knows wars and stuff like that, bring in a general. People like that don't win campaigns. Cool guys like me do. And that's why the Democrats brought me in. I make people feel good about themselves, by making them feel good about me.

I'm like Patch Adams with the sick kids dying of cancer. Those sick kids got cancer. They're going to die no matter what he does. But this way they die with a smile on their faces. America is like the sick kid with cancer. Sure it's gonna die. Brother Marx said all capitalist societies gotta go sooner or later. But this way you go with a smile on your face. You smile because you don't realize how bad it is. Just look at me dancing in Rio, vacationing in Martha's Vineyard or giving the Pope a high five. Doesn't it make you feel good to know America has got such a cool leader? You might be dying, but I'm the painkiller that makes it alright. I may kill you sooner, but you'll enjoy the high.
 Now think about that for a minute. Sure you can elect some responsible guy who actually studied stuff in school. And he'll go look at those books and tell you that you're screwed. I didn't even look at those books and I know it. Now you elect that guy and he'll just spend four years bumming you out. He'll cut taxes, benefits and spending. But come on man, it's just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. The America you know. That big ugly flag, your Constitution, the pioneers, the bald eagle, the boy scouts and Abe Lincoln and the War of 1812-- all that stuff I bring up when I'm trying to be presidential is history. You just don't know it yet. And there ain't no going back. I'm the future, baby.

The future is the hustler. Forget jobs and hard work. Anything you can do, a bunch of Asian dudes can do for less. And they'll work longer hours with no benefits to do it. It's not about your technical skills, but your people skills. Everyone's hustling and you gotta hustle the hustlers. Get yourself a brand name. Build up an image. Work the crowds. Get out there and convince people that you got what they need. Make em give you money to do it. I got this one crazy ass Nazi billionaire to fund my grass roots campaign by promising to destroy America. That's how you do it. Play the game. Work your way up to the top. And when you get there, you're me. King of the hustlers.

That's what a campaign is all about. And that's why I love it. The feel of millions of hungry people looking for you to give them hope. And I look right in their faces and promise them that if they just give me another four years, everything will be alright. Sure it will.

Is this the warm sincere smile of a man who would lie to you? Again? No way. Stick with me and you won't even notice when it's all gone.

So get organized. Call your friends. Like me on Facebook. Retweet me. Send me money. Shoot videos of yourself supporting me while holding a Nintendo 3DS or an iPad 2 or some other trendy rich kid's toy. Something to show you're a cutting edge guy or girl. And go out there and support me. Get out there and hustle for me. And if you do it real well, someday you might even be me. If there's even an America still around by then.

                                                                                    Sincerely Yours



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Herman Cain cartoon..

Herman Cain New campaign ad..

This is Herman Cains Campaign ad...you know...the one with his campaign manager...that smokes....and the LSM and the health nazi's are up in arms......Herman Cain doesn't care if it is politically correct.   Rumney would have sanitized it because it would have tarnished his image.  Herman Cain isn't politically correct, he runs in the real world...and in the real world, people smoke.    I don't smoke, never have, but I ain't going to condemm somebody else that lites up.   It falls in that personal choice thingie that I believe in.


The Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny" was one of a series of "JN" biplane built by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company of , later the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company. Although the Curtiss JN series (the common nickname was derived from "JN") was originally produced as a training aircraft for the U.S. Army, the "Jenny" continued post-World War I as a civil aircraft as it became the "backbone of American post-war [civil] aviation." Thousands of surplus Jennys were sold at bargain prices to private owners in the years after the War and became central to the barnstorming era that helped awaken America to civil aviation through much of the 1920s.
     This airplane trained a whole generation of aviators for WWI, she also was used by the U.S. mail to deliver mail to areas all over the country.  This along with the death of Army pilots that tried to deliver the mail forced the Feds to upgrade the airports and navigation aids to assist pilots especially those that have to fly in crappy weather.  This basis was later used by commercial pilots in the Post WWII era.

    Read more here

The Manchurian Candidate

I mentioned the word" Manchurian Candidate" on a prior posting then I started surfing and saw this gem and ripped it off.  Thanks Pissed

The cities are finally cracking down on the OWS crowd.

 I am of 2 minds of the OWS crowd, one part of me is disgusted with them, the other part wants to keep them around to remind the American public what the far left is about.  the longer this goes, the more I believe that it will taint the democrap party in 2012.  The independents are as disgusted with this as we conservatives are.   The OWS is the face of the far left.

I saw this here


Seems like Oakland has finally had enough of the Occupy Movement.  Hours after warning protesters to leave public property, police intercepted them as the demonstrators tried to return.  The mob attacked, and police went into full riot mode:
The police in Oakland dispersed hundreds of protesters using tear gas and flash bombs on Tuesday night as crowds tried to re-enter a plaza outside of City Hall that the authorities had cleared of an encampment earlier in the day. …
By Wednesday morning in downtown Oakland, a dim cloud of gas still hung in the air over Frank Ogawa Plaza, according to images broadcast on CNN. A small number of police in riot gear stood by barricades around the plaza and a handful of protesters held signs nearby.
“It sounded like bombs,” said Joaquin Jutt, 24, a digital animator who was among the protesters on Tuesday night. “There was a stinging and burning in my throat, eyes and nostrils. My eyes burned like there was hot sauce in them.”
 After the Occupy Oakland encampment was torn down early Tuesday morning by police, the ousted protesters reconvened outside the Oakland Library on Tuesday afternoon and voted to attempt a re-occupation of the same plaza from which they had just been evicted. Summoned by waves of emergency tweets and emails, fresh recruits joined the evicted Occupiers and early this evening once again marched on downtown Oakland, intending to reclaim Frank Ogawa Plaza.
But the Oakland Police were of course monitoring all this, and along with many other local police departments they were waiting for the protesters’ invasion. After an hours-long standoff at 14th and Broadway, interrupted by several confrontations and arrests, everything started to turn violent some time after 9:30pm.

   Continue reading the details here.

The democrap attack machine is after Perry

This is the Chicago way..

    Obungler has used the same tactics in the past to discredit his other opponents when he ran for office as a senator and a congressman.  His opponents had to drop out of the races when "irregularities" were "discovered" by the media.  Funny how they crawl the rectal cavities of Obunglers opponents but they give a surface scan if that to the Obamamessiah...you know the one that will heal the planet and cool the oceans......or something like that.

       Read this on PJMedia

Texas Department of Public Safety officials are asking questions following a report that Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council member Mohamed Elibiary may have been given access to a sensitive database of state and local intelligence reports, and then allegedly shopped some of those materials to a media outlet. He allegedly used the documents to claim the department was promoting “Islamophobia” — claims that the media outlet ultimately rejected. They declined to do the story.
Earlier today, I received confirmation from a left-leaning media outlet that Elibiary had recently approached them asking to do a story attacking Texas DPS:
Yes, he approached us and gave us some reports marked FOUO [For Official Use Only] that he said showed a pattern of Islamophobia at the department. He emphasized that some of the regional fusion centers were shut down a few years ago after the ACLU complained that they were targeting Muslim civil rights groups and said that this was being directed by [Texas Gov.] Rick Perry.
We looked at the reports and they weren’t as he had billed them to us. They seem to be pretty straightforward, nothing remotely resembling Islamophobia that we saw. I think he was hoping we would bite and not give it too much of a look in light of the other media outfits jumping on the Islamophobia bandwagon.
I asked if there was any sense of his possible motivation:
Oh, self-promotion definitely. It was clear up front that he wanted to be a quoted source in the story. We’ve used him as an unnamed source in previous stories. There’s nothing unusual or unseemly about that because officials do it all the time, but this was the first time he approached us with documents. Honestly, if they had been what he represented them as we would have probably run with the story. But we looked at them and saw this was a partisan hatchet job that could blow back on us so we passed on it.

     Read the rest here

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh Deer......

It is hunting season and the Deer are in rut so you find them everywhere........Including interstates......:(

This was my paid for 2005 Focus ST......Now I gotta look for another car...probably another Focus.   Considering the speed I was traveling and the size.....He was huge.   I am very lucky to walk away from that one.   All I suffered was a bruise on my leg...and finding glass in all the strange places....like ear...pockets....hair....I ain't complaining though....the alternative is worse.   Now I am driving my Ranger while I car shop after the insurance company settles.
This has got to be among the best quotes of all time.


"As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given  
The Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his  
Name, because  America  gave him the White House based on  
The same credentials."
     ~Newt Gingrich

Friday, October 21, 2011


I was over here reading a good Posting by Lisa
    I was reading the comments and some person compared themselves to both the TEA party and the OWS crowd, well that kinda set me off, so I went on a tear.  Well the truth of it is that I like the rant i did on her website so I cut and pasted my rant  for my website.

There are several differences between the Tea Party and the OWS crowd. The tea party are productive Americans wanting the debilitating debt run up by our Gov't to end and we restore fiscal sanity. The OWS crowd plays to the class warfare wealth envy stirred up by our dear Leader. The media is fawning over a bunch of mostly college students that believe the far left twaddle regurgitated by the college professors that espouse the discredited marxist teachings. Their attitude is "the right people havn't been in charge yet, we will get it right." All I see from the OWS crowd is forgive all college debt, These kids rang up 200,000 dollars on debt on a degree that doesn't mean anything. Nobody put a gun to their head and told them that they will get this degree in social science/basket weaving/wymen studies/minority studies or any of the other feel good stuff that has no value to an employer. You go to college to get a degree to prepare to enter the workforce as a valued employee. Well they choose poorly Now they want somebody else to pay the debt. I read their demands on the website, it is a wet dream of the far left that have no basis in reality outside of academia. These kids are supposed to be grownups but they still act like they are in middle school.
I also never heard any racist rants come from a TEA party rally( I have been to several of them) but I hear the racist anti semitic rants from the OWS. Also the crapping on the American flag and the police cars. TEA party people don't act that way, we respect the rule of law and we clean up ourselves, unlike the OWS crowd that is used for somebody else cleaning up after them... like their parents I guess. We TEA party members have caught hell and have been demonized by the LSM whereas the OWS crowd get a pass...Who is biased?. If you want to see the OWS in a nation state, look no farther than Greece, for years the Greeks have used the EURO to fund their socialistic programs and produce little, now the bill has come due and they have to take austerity measures because the other countries will no longer subsidize Greece, so they riot and burn things in their anger because the gravy train is coming to an end, like the OWS crowd. If the OWS crowd wants to protest the economic policies, go demonstrate at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that is where it originates from.

Our Governmental system

 I saw this through my good friend Shelldude, I liked it so much I shamelessly "borrowed" it.



Our Governmental System

From an email making the rounds on the Internet:
The folks who are getting free stuff,
Don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff.
Because the folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And, the folks who are paying for the free stuff,
Want the free stuff to stop.
And the folks who are getting the free stuff,
Want even MORE free stuff on top of the free stuff they're getting already.

Now, the people who are forcing people to PAY for the free stuff,
Have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff, that the people who
Are PAYING for the free stuff, are being mean, prejudiced and racist.

So, the people who are GETTING the free stuff, have been convinced they need
To HATE the people who are PAYING for the free stuff because they are selfish.
And they are promised more free stuff if they will vote for the people who force
The people who pay for the free stuff to give them even more free stuff.

And -- when the free stuff stops we will riot, burn, steal and commit mayhem.
For the "rich" owes us! It is happening in England and coming here soon.

And that's the Straight stuff!
And that's the ungrateful entitlement mentality. I'll give charitably to those who are down on their luck, but the rest of you can take a hike. The government is not authorized to take what I earn and redistribute it as they see fit.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 somali women jailed for aiding terror group.

 This is what happens when we don't screen refugee's that come here.  they come here then try to turn our country into the same shithole that they left.   When immigrants come here, they need to assimilate into American culture.  instead they keep their own language, customs and beliefs and expect us to respect their customs when they do not respect ours.

      Read details here

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two Minnesota women who claimed they were helping the poor in Somalia were convicted Thursday of conspiring to funnel money to a terrorist group as part of what prosecutors called a "deadly pipeline" sending funds and fighters to al-Shabab.
After the verdicts, one of the women, Amina Farah Ali, told the judge through an interpreter that she was happy because she was "going to heaven no matter what," and condemned those in authority, saying: "You will go to hell." She was ordered into custody pending her sentencing.
Ali, 35, and Hawo Mohamed Hassan, 64, were each charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Ali also faced 12 counts of providing such support, for allegedly sending more than $8,600 to al-Shabab from September 2008 through July 2009, while Hassan faced two counts of lying to the FBI.
Both were found guilty on all counts. The terrorism-related counts each carry up to 15 years in prison, while lying to the FBI carries up to eight years. No sentencing date was set, and prosecutors said it was too early to predict what sentence they'd recommend.
The women, both U.S. citizens of Somali descent, were among 20 people charged in Minnesota's long-running federal investigations into recruiting and financing for al-Shabab, which the U.S. considers a terrorist group with ties to al-Qaida. Investigators believe at least 21 men left Minnesota — home to the country's largest Somali community — to join al-Shabab.
Though others have pleaded guilty to related charges, the women were the first to go to trial.
The verdicts will likely lead to other guilty pleas, said Omar Jamal, first secretary of the Somali mission to the United Nations in New York. He also said it would be difficult for law enforcement agencies to rebuild the trust they had worked to establish with the Somali community.
Prosecutors had emphasized that the case was not about a community or a religion, but two women who deliberately broke the law.

The end of Quadaffy Duck

Apparently Quadaffy Duck met his end after hiding in a storm drain after his followers lost the town of Serte, which was his home town.

     From what I saw on ALJerezza TV, his body was none too gently treated by the rebels.       Now the transitional government has a bunch of armed fighters from different groups and different allegiances running around in Tripoli and other places.  Will they disarm or will there be a new civil war as the victors squabble of the country.   Will we have the Muslim Brotherhood gain in power like they did in Egypt?  
I do have a question....what happened to the female entourage that surrounded quadaffy duck.   Or is that something that is best left unsaid......?


"You old white people...it is your duty to die"

 I got this e-mail from my Dad, again I figured that it is pertinent to what is going on.


"You old white people. It is your duty to die." 
Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets; "Go back to Boston ! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired.. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die. Through love of having children, we are going to take over."

Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council. "They're afraid we're going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They're right. We will take them over . . . We are here to stay."

Excelsior, the national newspaper of Mexico , "The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot."

Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez, University of Texas ; "We have an aging white America . They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population . . . I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it."

Art Torres, Chairman of the California Democratic Party, "Remember 187--proposition to deny taxpayer funds for services to non-citizens--was the last gasp of white America in California ."

Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Supervisor, "We are politicizing every single one of these new citizens that are becoming citizens of this country . . ... I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, "I'm going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back."

Mario Obledo, California Coalition of Hispanic Organizations and California State Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Governor Jerry Brown, also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, " California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn't like it should leave."

Jose Pescador Osuna, Mexican Consul General, "We are practicing 'La Reconquista' in California ..."

Professor Fernando Guerra, Loyola Marymount University ; "We need to avoid a white backlash by using codes understood by Latinos . . . "

When I was young, I remember hearing about the immigrants that came through Ellis Island .. They wanted to learn English. They wanted to breathe free. They wanted to become Americans. Now too many immigrants come here with demands. They demand to be taught in their own language. They demand special privileges--affirmative action. They demand ethnic studies that glorify their culture.

Send copies of this letter to at least two other people, 100 would be even better. Help us get the word out.

Remember when you vote next year that we need someone in the White House who will control illegal immigration. If we make all illegals, legal, then we have lost our country forever. Our country is heading in the wrong direction and we are doing it to ourselves without serious protest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Better than them

 I saw this here
We are better than them. When all the other arguments for why we can't fight back have been exhausted this is the one that remains in the background presenting our moral exceptionalism as the reason we shouldn't fight to protect ourselves.
"Fight back? But then we'd be no better than them?" If we waterboard then we are no better than the headchoppers and mutilators. If we profile then we are no better than the genocidal jihadists. If we treat our friendly Pakistani and Saudi visitors the way they would have been treated a century ago-- then we would be guilty of being un-American.
But is that really the difference between us, that we treat everyone equally even when they are cutting our throats, and the moment we deviate from the standards of the Trial Lawyers Association then we're no better than the Taliban or Al-Qaeda? Does our exceptionalism derive from our laws, in which case if we compromise our laws then we given up the only worthwhile thing about us and there is nothing more to fight for-- or are our laws the means by which we protect our individual and national exceptionalism?
We are better than they are, is the argument put forward so often by those who do not truly believe that we are, and even when they do they don't understand why we are.  The Bill of Rights did not spring full-grown out of a barbaric culture, nor did any of the same judicial rulings and quotes so often used by advocates of the 10 percent defense plan.
We are not better than they are because we guarantee civil rights to our enemies-- we are better than they are because of Michelangelo, the microchip and universal education. We are better than they are because of Shakespeare, the space shuttle and the World Trade Center. We are better for all the reasons around us, the accomplishments, the achievements, the knowledge we have gained and the society we have built.
Our laws were crafted to protect these achievements, the exceptionalism of the individual from the government, and that of the nation from internal and external enemies. The laws have no individual life apart from the culture of the nation that created them and maintains them. It would be possible to transpose the United States Constitution to Indonesia, Libya or Pakistan and it wouldn’t last a single day there. No mere document can safeguard rights and freedoms that a culture does not value, and no culture that does not value them is deserving of their protection if such protection has the cumulative effect of destroying those same rights and freedoms.

Decision time about Greece

I was looking at this, and this is the OWS crowd as a nation state.  Greece made poor decisions and basically used other people's money to float itself with generous socialist programs so its people didn't have to produce.  Well now the bill is due and the people are having temper tantrums because of austerity measures.     Kinda like the OWS crowd.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Republican debate

Just a couple of quick comments....:

      A lot of rocks thrown at Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 plan.  My attitude is that anything replaces the crappy tax code we now have would be an improvement.

     If the Establishment GOP candidate Romney gets the nod as the candidate to go up against Obungler, Obungler will be president for 4 more years.     Just saying.

Fired after 28 years......

I got this as an e-mail from my Dad;

Fired after 28 years:
It has just been reported that the head gardener at The White House has been
dismissed after 28 years of loyal service to many US presidents.
When interviewed the gardener protested his innocence and said "All I know
is I was walking past the Oval Office and I asked, 'Has anyone seen the spade and the hoe ?'
The next thing I knew, I was fired."

First Car...

I got this idea from DaddyBear and OldNFO

     The question was " what was your first car?"

     Well this car was the only non Ford that I ever owned  It was a

                                          1976 AMC Gremlin
 This car ran ok when I got it, I used to for my final year of high school and my first year of college.  the car was unique and it was ahead of its time in features.  The car was powered by a 258 V6 and it was ok with gas mileage and was different in styling.    the car engine needed a valve job and I parked it and later like a dunbass used it to repair my later car after a a girl I was interested in drove my 1979 mercury Capri into a tree.  the bodyshop owner was building a gremlin racecar and traded the repairs for the car.  I  wish I had kept the car, but hindsight was 20/20 as they say.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jobs creation......

Came back from camping with the cub scouts, was great!  I ran the archery range since I have the qualifications.  I don't mind since the kids are the future of shooting sports in this country.

I got this from GOC

Last year.... After the Packers / Bills game, Buffalo released quarterback Trent Edwards.
During the Packers / Eagles game, the Packers injured Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb.
Philadelphia then had to play backup quarterback Michael Vick.
During a playoff game against the Eagles, the Packers injured Michael Vick and another backup was needed.
After the Packers / Cowboys game, Dallas fired Wade Phillips and most of his staff.
After the Packers / Vikings game, Minnesota fired Brad Childress and most of his staff.
Four weeks after losing to the Packers, the 49er's coach Mike Singletary and most of his staff were fired and replaced.
During the Bears Playoff game, the Packers injured Jay Cutler and backup Todd Collins forcing the Bears to go with 3rd string quarterback Caleb Hanie.
Here's the question....
Is it just me, or did the Packers create more jobs last year than Obungler?

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Conservative quote.....

"You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot lift the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot establish security on borrowed money. You cannot build character and courage by taking away men's initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." – William Boetcker

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The DC-3 is a legend, I have ridden in one and count myself lucky to do that.  The plane is still flying today carrying passengers and cargo.  The running joke for DC-3 pilots is "The only way to replace a DC-3 is with another DC-3."  The airplane's ruggedness and reliability is legendary.  The plane revolutionized the aviation business and the passenger business.

  Here in Atlanta, you can go to the Delta Museum and see the DC-3 and other aircraft that Delta airlines had owned.  If you are an aviation buff, it is worth the trip.  Admission is free, but you can pick up a lot of aviation goodies at the gift shop.   Check out link for details

Ship 41
Ship 41 is the only Delta passenger DC-3 left in existence. Delta is the only carrier known to possess its first new revenue-carrying DC-3. Restoration was completed in October 1999. The plane is housed in Delta's original 1940s hangars in Atlanta. Service History Ship 41 flew into Atlanta as the second delivered of Delta's first group of five DC-3s in late 1940. Delta's Ship 40 was being used for pilot training, so Ship 41 was the first DC-3 placed into Delta's scheduled passenger service, entering service on December 24, 1940.
Retired from Delta service after 18 years, Ship 41 was sold to North Central Airlines. Since then, Ship 41 flew for many owners. In 1990 there was an effort, led by Delta's retirees, to locate one of Delta's first five DC-3s. Ship 41 was discovered in Puerto Rico, registered as N29PR, and had been flying cargo with Air Puerto Rico. The aircraft was purchased in 1993 by Delta, and flown back to Delta headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia for restoration.
No other DC-3 in the world has been restored with such impeccable care and attention to detail. The restoration has received prestigious awards: In 2000, the DC-3 received the Judges' Choice "Lindy" award at the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture OshKosh, the world's premier aviation event. In 2001, Ship 41 was the first aircraft ever to win a National Preservation Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
Challenging Restoration Project
The enormity of the project can be understood when tasks such as the complete rebuilding of the cockpit had to be undertaken. The cockpit was brought up to 1990s standard without detracting from the original Douglas design or the period look of the aircraft. For example, instruments are all analogue but were uniformly painted, the radio and navigation and communications equipment were positioned discreetly and the seats, pedals, control column and control systems were all renewed. Modern fire and soundproofing insulation methods were used inside the structure of the cockpit and cabin area.
The galley and boarding ramp were rebuilt into exact 1940s replicas from old photographs in the Delta Air Lines Corporate Archives. The cabins seats were remade with the original 1940s patterns and fabric.
Parts Contributed
Donations to the restoration project included: Supply of zero-hour engines and accessories from JRS Enterprises in Minnesota. Landing gear and hydraulic valves from Basler at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Radios from Collins.

The DC-3 Genesis of The Legend
"We made the DC-3 without a computer to test it. There was plenty of data from the DC-1 and DC-2 to formulate the design. Often we got down on the floor and worked things out ourselves. There was personal ingenuity, and application, and we made things happen overnight." Ivar Shogran ; Chief Power Plant Engineer "; Douglas Aircraft Company
Cock Pit

Cyrus Rowlett Smith, President of American Airlines and William Littlewood, American Airlines. Vice president of engineering, had both flown in the DC-2 and did not like some of its performance characteristics, although it was a marked improvement over the Boeing 247. It had the highest rated engines in use at the time, but they felt it lacked power. It carried 14 passengers, two more than the DC-1. Moreover, it could not make New York to Chicago, non-stop, although it was faster than any other airliner on that route. They also had reports that, at times, it was difficult to land, with heavy aileron and rudder control. Additional reports of directional instability, propeller, and fin icing problems and yawing excessively in turbulence also concerned them...

Soon after C. R. Smith read the report he telephoned Donald Douglas with a proposal. Smith had decided what kind of airplane American needed. He was looking for a larger and more comfortable airplane than his Condors or Fords, and better than the Boeing 247. He also wanted something bigger than the DC-2. Smith wanted to give his customers safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation, and his Curtiss Condor "Sleepers" and Ford Tri-Motors simply did not measure up to these standards. The airplane Smith was looking for had been described in Raymond's report...


At first, Douglas did not react strongly or positively to Smith's proposal. He was reluctant to take on a new design and the associated headaches. The DC-2 was in full production with 102 machines already manufactured, and another 90 orders on the assembly line.2 A new model would mean new tooling and starting over another gamble.

Smith spent over $300 on a two-hour long distance call before he finally convinced Douglas to modify a DC-2 to American's sleeper requirements. Some have said if Smith had not persisted and made an offer, Douglas would never have built the DC-3. Douglas nevertheless was skeptical. Night flying was about as popular as the plague, and he wondered about Smith's business sense. Where would Smith get the millions of dollars needed to finance this venture and who would want to sleep in an airplane? After all, the Fords were noisy and the Condors were cramped...

After there was general agreement among the airlines on the potential, a detailed evaluation process began. The airline's total needs, from the number of aircraft, to passenger accommodations, facility requirements, and total economic impact was part of the evaluation.

The Great Depression had created hard times for many of America's industries and the government had formed the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to loan money to the private sector. Cyrus Smith took advantage of this agency and obtained a loan to fund the development of the new design. On July 8, 1935, Smith sent a telegram to Douglas ordering ten transports costing $795,000. The actual specifications for Smith's proposed airplane arrived at Douglas Aircraft on November 14, 1935 (long after construction had begun). Before the first flight of the DC-3, American doubled their initial order to include eight DSTs and 12 DC-3s. By the time the actual contract was signed on April 8, 1936, American Airlines and Donald Douglas both had a heavy financial commitment.3 In today's business environment the contract always precedes work, but in 1935, American Airlines had such faith in Douglas' dependability and integrity that the order came first and the contract after delivery.


The plan called for using the DC-2 design as a starting point. Widening. and rounding the fuselage would allow enough space for the berths, and increasing the power would help lift the larger plane. Littlewood had discussed the design with engineers at Curtis -Wright, and they told him they could modify the 855 hp engines on the DC-2 to deliver ..."


December 17, 1935, was a sunny but cool afternoon in Santa Monica, California. The DST sat at the edge of the runway for about five minutes, its engines running at full throttle. Then it began to move, slowly at first but within 1,000 feet it lifted off, effortlessly. The lives of millions of people throughout the world were about to change.

The cockpit instrument panel was a far cry from the Ford Tri-Motor. In the original DST panel shown here there were 115 flight, navigation electrical and radio control instruments. This cockpit has an almost antiseptic look about it. Photograph courtesy McDonnell Douglas.

In contrast to maiden flights of today's aircraft, covered extensively by the media, this flight, like the maiden flight of the DC-1 went unnoticed by the Press. But the event on a runway in Santa Monica, California, would be one of the |most significant events of the twentieth century.

The DST remained airborne from 3:00 p.m. ...""


It is fitting that as the co-creator of the DC-3 that American Airlines also be the airline that used the most machines over the years. They used 114 DC-3s/DSTs and it all started with the acceptance of the first DST on April 29, 1936..."

The DC-3 overwhelmed the industry. It was the first plane that could fly from New York to Chicago non-stop. It made the trip in three hours fifty-five minutes westbound, and returned in ..."


TWA was the third airline to put the new DST in service. They accepted the first eight in April, 1937. On June 1, 1937, they put their "Super Sky liner Sleeper" DSTs outfitted with eight berths up front and nine divan chairs in the rear, in service between New York and Los Angeles. TWA called this flight the "Sun Racer," although it never quite won the race. It chased the sun across the country, leaving New York at 8:30 a.m., and arriving in Los Angeles at 11:30 p.m. the same day. The entire aviation industry praised the DC-3...

In the evolution of the Douglas Commercial transports, the DST occupied only a slightly better position than the DC-1. Like the DC-1, progress quickly replaced its younger sister, the DST.

Contrary to popular belief, the DC-3 day plane seating of 21 was not an accident. An engineer noticed that removing the berths made room for a third row of seats, two on one side of the aisle, and ..."

The accident rate in the early days of the DC-3 was comparatively low. As the DC-3 became more universal, the number of fatal accidents even decreased. In 1936 for example, domestic airlines flew 63,000,000 miles, and had eight fatal accidents; in 1941 there were only four fatal accidents for 133,000,000 miles flown...


To relieve the pressure on the factory, Douglas sold the licenses to manufacture the DC-3 to three countries; Holland, Japan, and Russia. A royalty paid to Douglas for each aircraft manufactured was part of the license agreement. Tony Fokker never manufactured any DC-3s for Holland, but he distributed 63 before the war in Europe ended his operation. Fokker died of pneumonia complicated by meningitis a week before Germany invaded Holland.


Russia built as many as 20,000 Li-2s. Russia has never paid Douglas a cent in license fees. The PS-84 used the 900 hp Shvetsov M-62 engine (developed from the licensed Wright SGR-1820F which powered the DC-2) and the engine configuration gave the nacelles a narrower chord. Even after they upgraded the engines to 1200 hp ASH-62, the nacelle shape remained close to the first models...

When the DC-3 came along, the Japanese immediately recognized its potential, especially since they had such great success with the DC-2. Great Northern Airways and the Far East Fur Trading Company (another Japanese military front company) purchased at least 21 DC-3s from Douglas between 1937 and 1939. The first intended for KLM as PH-ARA, but canceled, arrived in Japan on December 6, 1937. These transports were operated by Dai Nippon Koku and impressed into Imperial service during the war. The surviving transports were scrapped at the end of the war.

On February 24, 1938, a Japanese manufacturer, Mitsui (a subsidiary of Nakajima Hikoki), purchased the production rights and technical data to the DC-3 for $90,000. Unknown to the United States at the time, the sale was directed behind the scenes by the Imperial Japanese Navy (who was planning on using the type in the invasion of the East Indies).