The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gone Camping......Again....

I have gone camping again....This time it is NYLT or National Youth Leadership Training....1st week of staff development.....I will be back Sunday Night.   Read the folks on the sidebar...they are good :)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Bad News and a meme

 I was going to post a story of a meme that I generated and posted on Facebook yesterday, but I will get to that in a few.

I heard earlier today that a character from my favorite SciFi series died today.  His character was the basis of my "Nomme De Guerre", that I have been using for 16 years.  I have been using the name of "MrGarabaldi" for many message boards and other things for years until I got my google account in 2008 using the same name.  I used an alter ego to provide some cover for my surfing and posting and my real life.

Actor and syndicated radio host Gerard "Jerry" Doyle has died in Las Vegas at age 60.
Clark County coroner John Fudenberg said Thursday that an autopsy was scheduled, and it will take several weeks and toxicology tests to determine a cause of death.
Las Vegas police were called around 4 p.m. Wednesday after Doyle was found dead at home in northwest Las Vegas. Officer Laura Meltzer says the death didn't appear suspicious.
As an actor, Doyle was best-known as Michael Garibaldi in the 1990s science-fiction television show "Babylon 5."
In recent years, his self-titled radio show aired on Talk Radio Network and, in Las Vegas, weekday afternoons on AM radio station KDWN.
A post on Doyle's verified Facebook page stated, "The family of Jerry Doyle is sad to announce Jerry’s passing. The cause of death is unknown at this time."
Show producer Brad Silvers noted that Doyle also founded the conservative-Libertarian opinion blog EpicTimes.com.
Talk Radio Network Enterprises CEO Mark Masters stated, "I am stunned and saddened by the news of Jerry's sudden death. He was a dear friend and a prince of a human being. We have worked together for over 12 years, and no host was more loyal at my side."
Talk Radio Network and America's Talk Network said they will continue to produce and distribute "The Jerry Doyle Show" using guest hosts

     This is the picture that I use for my Google account and several other bulletin boards that I use.
here is a quote that was attributed to G'Kar another character on B5 that has since "gone beyond the Rim".

I was surprised and dismayed to see the news today.  I was part of his circle of friends on Facebook, I would add my opinions to what ever he had posted.  I considered him a class act and his passing reminded me that time marches onward and even though I don't act or look my age we do get older..

     Now to the original reason for my posting....I used "meme generator to make a meme involving politics..
I hesitated on posting this on my regular Facebook feed.  I keep a strict dichotomy of my political beliefs and my Facebook postings.  Those that see my Facebook stuff know that I don't post any political items.  I work for a major company that is risk adverse to the extreme and would fire me in a new york minute if there is a complaint against me for hurting some special snowflakes feelings..  I have seen cases in the newspapers of that happening to a cop in Vermont and somebody in Colorado losing their job because they become the latest cause du jour of a SJW.  Perhaps I am being a bit paranoid but I don't trust liberals especially SJW's, if you don't have their hivethink they go to destroy you to punish you for deviating from "the truth" as they see it. 
     The logic for me generating the meme was how people that crossed the Clintons manage to wind up dead....I wonder if Ken Starr still checks behind his door.   As far as Bernie goes, he is much more likable than Hillary and he is honest about who he was.  I respected him, I wouldn't vote for him but I respected him, unlike Hillary that I consider her corrupt and totally venal in her search for power.  And after the wikileaks of the DNC actively stacking the deck against Bernie to ensure the coronation of the queen.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Workplace" violence strikes again...

Yesterday The JV struck in Normandy, I am making humor on a bad situation.  2 radicalized muslims decided to strike during a church service and behead an 84 year old catholic priest.  As I understand it, they made him kneel and then they hacked off his head. They then praised allah from the alter of the church.  Something about showing that their beliefs and god are superior to the Christian God and the belief system of the West.
     The killing in Normandy was the first known attack claimed by ISIS inside a church in the West after compiling a hitlist of places of Christian worship.
It comes as ISIS warned that London and Washington DC are next on the list of target cities, with images threatening major world capitals being posted online
Adel Kermiche (pictured in 2011), 19, has been named as one of the two ISIS knifemen who stormed into a church in Normandy and cut the throat of an 84-year-old Catholic priest before being shot dead by police
Adel Kermiche (pictured), 19, has been named as one of the two ISIS knifemen who stormed into a church in Normandy and cut the throat of an 84-year-old Catholic priest before being shot dead by police
Adel Kermiche (pictured right and left, in 2011), 19, has been named as one of the two ISIS knifemen who stormed into a church in Normandy and cut the throat of an 84-year-old Catholic priest Jacques Hamel before being shot dead by police
A French policeman cordons off the area around the body of one of the two knifemen. Parisian prosecutor Francois Molins revealed that the pair were carrying a fake bomb with a timer, a handgun and knives during the attack and said they used nuns as human shields
A French policeman cordons off the area around the body of one of the two knifemen. Parisian prosecutor Francois Molins revealed that the pair were carrying a fake bomb with a timer, a handgun and knives during the attack and said they used nuns as human shields
Father Jacques Hamel had his throat cut in the attack that also left a nun critically injured. He was at the church because he was filling in for the local priest who was on holiday
Father Jacques Hamel had his throat cut in the attack that also left a nun critically injured. He was at the church because he was filling in for the local priest who was on holiday

    I do know that he is considered a "martyr of the faith", kinda like the Christians in the arena in Rome.   I honestly believe that these attacks will cause a crisis of faith in the government to solve the problem in Europe.  The average citizen in France and Germany see their state controlled media spouting the latest round of rainbows and unicorns involving the refugee's and their actual experience is far different.  Many Germans are posting on Youtube stories of the state harassing them if they complain about the refugees and the crime caused by them.  The state treats the citizens as second class compared to the refugees and the average German is getting tired of it.  in France and other countries this is also a hot topic.  The immigration influx is part of the reason for the BREXIT vote.  The people in Europe are seeing the immigrants coming over, enjoying the benefits of living in Europe but refuse to assimilate to the host country culture.  The truth of the matter is that the immigrants view their own beliefs to be superior to the watered down wishy washy secular humanist that is on display in Europe.  They view the benefits they get as tribute and that the west is paying a "JIZYA Tax"  I am seeing the same thing here in the states, although not as bad yet...if we don't get a handle on it, we will see the same thing here.  I do know that if you criticize islam here, you have the risk of the Department of justice, you know those people, they refused to charge Hillary for leaking secrets...yeah those people visiting you since what you are doing is "hate speech" in the standard of the left.
     This is part of the popularity of THE Donald, he has been making this an election year issues about not vetting the refugees and making sure that they are not ISIS foot soldiers.  The people pushing for unfettered immigration live in their bubble communities with security, and hang with people like them are not affected by the crimes caused by the immigrants, we in flyover country are.  This is the disconnect between the cloud people and the dirt people and if the cloud people keep pushing the issues, there will be a backlash against them. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Music "My Name is" by Eminem

I know a bit of Eminem from his 3rd album,  the Marshal Mathers LP. when he first burst up on the scene in mainstream.  I decided to roll with Eminem because my favorite blogbabe Momma Fargo asked me to do another writeup for Eminem.  Since I can't say no to hot pretty blondes I will do as she asked.  I figured this song would remind her of "rollin dirty in the G-ride in the hood".  As one of her favorite phrases go.  Eminem has staying power, a lot of rappers are flash in the pan but he has managed to become a powerhouse in the industry...also no mean feat and stayed relevant in an industry dominated by urban blacks. 
"My Name Is" is a song by American rapper Eminem from his second studio album The Slim Shady LP (1999). The song samples Labi Siffre's 1975 track "I Got The...". The song was ranked at #26 on "VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of the 90's". "My Name Is" also was ranked #6 on Q Magazine's "1001 Best Songs Ever".  The song was placed at number 39 by Rolling Stone on their list of "100 Greatest Hip-Hop songs of all time in April 2016. The recording garnered Eminem his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance at the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000.

Producer Dr. Dre wanted to use a sample of Labi Siffre's "I Got The ..." for the rhythm track; as revealed in the sleeve notes of the re-mastered CD of the source album, Remember My Song. Siffre, who is openly gay, stated, "attacking two of the usual scapegoats, women and gays, is lazy writing. If you want to do battle, attack the aggressors not the victims." Eminem made lyric changes and Siffre cleared the sample. There are currently three different versions available. The "clean" and "explicit" versions are available on iTunes. There is also another version which is more explicit than the one available on iTunes, released as the B-side to "Guilty Conscience" on the CD single. The kid's voice at the beginning of the song has reverb on the explicit version on iTunes, but not on the clean version. During the time the song was released, Eminem and Insane Clown Posse were having a "rap feud". After the release of this song, Insane Clown Posse parodied this song with a song called "Slim Anus". "My Name Is" was later re-released in 2005 on Eminem's compilation album Curtain Call: The Hits. The song is mixed with Jay-Z's song "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)" and Beck's song "Loser" on the video game DJ Hero. Eminem also made a remix of it, using the most explicit version, over the top of AC/DC's "Back In Black".

Before The Slim Shady LP was released, an uncensored version was available on the Internet. The original lyrics on the dirty version of the song were: "Extra-terrestrial, killing pedestrians / Raping lesbians while they're screaming, 'Let's just be friends!'" The version on the album was changed to "Extra-terrestrial, running over pedestrians in a spaceship / While they're screaming at me, 'Let's just be friends!'" There is also a line that was changed from "My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high / The only problem was, my English teacher was a guy" to "My English teacher wanted to flunk me in junior high / Thanks a lot; next semester, I'll be 35." These lyrics appear on the acapella version of the song, featured on a 12" release of the song.
There are also lines that were changed in the edited version of the song. The line "Chased him with a stapler / Stapled his nuts to a stack of paper" from the album version was changed to "Chased him with a stapler / Told him to change the grade on the paper (now!)" in the edited version. The song ends with a line that was changed from "And by the way, when you see my dad / Yeah, tell him that I slit his throat in this dream I had" which was changed to "And by the way, when you see my dad / Yeah, ask if he bought a porno mag to see my ad" in the edited version. The album version opens with the line "Hi kids! Do you like violence? Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids?" while the edited version replaces the word "violence" with Primus.

I had to use the Muppets version...I looked on "youtube" for an hour trying to locate the music video for this song.  I finally rolled dirty with the Muppets version...Lol..

Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Impressions of the camp

I can only describe the camp in this way, the first one I can use is the scenery from the first camp is better, but this camp for the troop was much better.   I heard the phrase "Campful of Chick-fil-a employees".  to describe the staff.
The camp is known for its staff,  They have been doing it this way since 1954.  The scouts see this and want to be part of the excellence that the staff is known for.   The other scout leader and I spoke with the program director for 25 minutes, He was talking with us, he was relaxed and he had the ever present radio that the staff carry around.  He would listen to something on the radio but talk to us .  He knew that the staff had the problem in hand...especially since this was the last week for staff, and the staff scout-wide would play pranks it is tradition.  In this case, somebody had put the washer and dryer on the pier for water sports.  They were cleaning up the various pranks around camp.   This program director came from a small council in Mississippi, they have some local scouts but also scouts from the southeast and a couple of international scouts from Hong Kong.

    The scenery was good, we were not hassled by mosquito's, you know the Georgia State Bird..or ticks.  We did get rain....especially in the afternoon.
That is the tree we sat under a lot......doing scout stuff....like naps...stuff what good leaders do.
  I would do some laundry.....

I would put some clean water in the wash bucket, add some laundry detergent, put the clothing in it, close the lid, then use the plunger to agitate the water....if I had mud on it, I would then pull out the clothing in question...scrub them together...put it back in the bucket, and plunge some more...then I would take the shirt out or pants...wring it out...then put it in the other bucket with clean rinse water, agitate it with the plunger...then take out the shirt or pants, then wring it out away from the bucket..then hang it on the clothing line.   worked pretty good.  
 Our Campsite.

The scouts had a lot of time for free swim....this is the "Blob"

 Scouts would jump on it, get hosed with the cold water from the lake.....get into position...the staff would say "blob?"  the guy in the water would say "blob..blob" the scout would jump onto the blog....catapulting the other scout into the water.
We scoutmasters had a "Scoutmaster Brunch"   with 8 different kinds of sausage...
   They have Fruit!!  I had gotten spoiled at our council camp because of the availability of fruit and at Daniel Boone(the other camp) I went to a couple of weeks ago where there was no fruit in the messhall....but they sell it in the trading post.  That irritated me...I like my apples.
      We had a closing ceremony on Friday night, the staff and scouts had a good time, 

Our troop did very well, for a young troop they performed admirably.  The SPL(Senior Patrol Leader) had things well in hand, the kids hung together well and handled everything in stride.  We liked the experience and the troop wants to come back again next year.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just got back...

  And My arms  are tired.....

I will post some pics tomorrow after I rest a bit and clean up "my kit" as they say...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My adventures at camp#2

We left Sunday morning from the Church parking lot..
We set on a 3 hour trip...Yep key in the Gilligan Island theme...We drove through Atlanta, 3 vehicles...remember the 3 vehicles comment....Well we got north of Gainesville and Vehicle number 1 barfs the Transmission.....So we pull over....Vehicle number 1 is doing the dying cockroach....Tranny is nogo at this station.  So I decide to go to Gainesville and rent a uhaul....Remember it is a Sunday and most of the uhaul dealers are closed....so after traveling 39 miles I find an open dealer and get a trailer..
 Meanwhile the other van....Did I say Dodge vans...takes all the scouts except 2 of them...on to camp...and it throws the CV joints.....They pull into a driveway and the nice people shuttle them on to camp.  What an adventure...

     We finally get to camp and get the trailer unloaded and joined the rest of the troup at the campfire..

The Weather rock is having a hard time with the weather...it shows "dry" then we get rain...
    We got our quarters squared away...We adults are experienced campers and will bring "snivel gear" for our comfort.
The scenery is awesome, I was here in April for conclave and already had experience with the camp
And we have a great view of the Smokey Mountain...
The kids are going to merit badge classes and they are enjoying the classes.
   I took a pic of the EDGE method ...
The messhall has fruits!!!!  A couple of weeks ago I attended Camp Daniel Boone in North Carolina and there was no fruit in the messhall..

.I found out that they were selling them in the trading post for $.50 an apple.  At Daniel Boone I enjoyed the camp although I felt like an ATM machine for all the extra fees we got charged. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Music "We built this city" by Starship

 I was trying to roll with Twisted Sister "burn in Hell" but was unable to find a video for the song.  I do have the song on my "Stay Hungry" album.  This popped up on the feed since "starship" was used as a counterpoint to Twisted Sister.  ehh, I remember the song, it was to me goofy but an easy listening song.  So I gotta roll with what I found.  I saved the "Twisted Sister " post until I can find a cut of the song on video.

Starship is an American rock band established in 1984. Although it was initially a continuation of Jefferson Starship, its change in musical direction, and subsequent loss of key Jefferson Starship personnel and enforced name change ultimately led it to become a separate entity from the original band.

In June 1984, Paul Kantner, the last remaining founding member of Jefferson Airplane, left Jefferson Starship, and then took legal action over the Jefferson Starship name against his former bandmates. Kantner settled out of court and signed an agreement that neither party would use the names "Jefferson" or "Airplane" unless all members of Jefferson Airplane, Inc. (Bill Thompson, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Jorma Kaukonen, Jack Casady) agreed. The band briefly changed its name to "Starship Jefferson" while legal proceedings occurred, before settling on the shortened name "Starship." David Freiberg stayed with the band after the lawsuit and attended the first studio sessions for the next album. He became frustrated with the sessions because all the keyboard work in the studio was being done by Peter Wolf (who had played on the sessions for Nuclear Furniture and briefly joined the band on the road for the follow-up tour) and that was the instrument Freiberg was supposed to be playing. He left the band and the next album was finished with the five remaining members, consisting of Slick, co-lead singer Mickey Thomas, guitarist Craig Chaquiço, bassist Pete Sears, and drummer Donny Baldwin. In 1984, Gabriel Katona (who had previously played in Rare Earth and Player) joined the band to play keyboards and saxophone on the road with them through to the end of the 1986 tour.
The next album, Knee Deep in the Hoopla was released in September 1985 and scored two number-one hits. The first was "We Built This City", written by Bernie Taupin, Martin Page, Dennis Lambert, and Peter Wolf and was engineered by Grammy-winning producer Bill Bottrell and arranged by Bottrell and Jasun Martz; the second was "Sara". The album itself reached No. 7, went platinum, and spawned two more singles: "Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight" (#26), and "Before I Go" (#68). The band had not had a number-one hit record since previous incarnation Jefferson Starship released Red Octopus in 1975.

"We Built This City" is a song written by Bernie Taupin, Martin Page, Dennis Lambert, and Peter Wolf, and originally recorded by US rock group Starship and released as their debut single 1 August 1985.
The single version reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 on 16 November 1985, and also number one on the US Top Rock Tracks chart and number twelve in the UK.

What exists of a narrative in the song consists of an argument between the singers (Mickey Thomas and Grace Slick) and an unidentified "you", presumably a music industry executive, who is marginalizing the band and ripping off money from them by "playing corporation games" ("who counts the money underneath the bar?"). In response to this injustice, the singers remind the villain of their importance and fame: "Listen to the radio! Don't you remember? We built this city on rock and roll!" A spoken-word interlude explicitly mentions the Golden Gate Bridge and refers to "the city by the bay", a common moniker for Starship's hometown of San Francisco; Starship's predecessors, Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship, were prominent members of San Francisco's psychedelic rock scene in the late 1960s and into the 1970s. However, the interlude then follows in rapid fashion by referring to the same city as "the city that rocks", a reference to Cleveland, Ohio (home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum), and then "the city that never sleeps", a nickname for both New York City and Las Vegas. Capitalizing on the ambiguity, several radio stations added descriptions of their own local areas when they broadcast the song, or even simply added their own ident in its place.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Funny thing.....

Funny thing...My son and I took D.O.G for a walk at Sandy Ridge BMX Park and we were walking the trail and I saw one of the birdhouses we built when my son was a cub scout. Either wolf or bear..can't remember exactly when but it was still there. I thought that was pretty neat  :) He is a life scout now.   I remember building new ones after the original ones were busted up several weeks after we built them.

 Some Humor;

    You know when you park in a bad part of town...

Friday, July 15, 2016

Rest of camp..

Last week I posted on my blog stories about summer camp with the Boy Scouts.  Here are the rest of the adventures....and next week I am going with my other troop to summer camp so I will try to post some stuff in the que.  I am not sure how good the internet will be at this camp I am going.  I have been there before but my other troop hasn't.  The other troop is a newer treoop and this is its first trip outside council so it is a big stepping stone for the troop. 
     On Friday we had a scoutmaster dutch oven cookoff.  Cooking with a dutch oven is very neat, educational and filling. *urp*   The scoutmaster that was representing us made a cherry dump cake.  Basically you need 2 sticks of butter, one can of crushed pineapples, one bag of coconut flakes, one can of pie filling and one box of white cake mix.  Open everything and dump it into dutch oven and then cook it over the coals for 1 hour.  We then took the dutch oven to the cook off...
  There were appitizers, ..
 There was main courses....

and desserts
One troop had made "potato Surprise", basically a bunch of new potato's in a dutch oven with some butter and onions.......and then meat loaf......Man talk about my two favorite comfort foods :).  Plus desserts.  And the fellowship was great!  We finished there and slowly headed to camp to escort the troop to the mess hall...
after what we ate, we didn't want to go the the messhall....which was serving "camp" food.  while I was there I earned another "Scoutmaster Merit Badge". 

   The boys on Friday worked what they called the Mountain Man relay" including scout skills...
  The scenery was awesome, the smokie mountains are really beautiful
and the streams that were cutting through camp
 we did have a lot of......you guessed it....Rain, the last 3 days we had a lot of rain.
the campside stayed wet the last 3 days...
But the fire my son and a couple of the other pyro's started kept burning......
All in all it was a very good camp....and we would go again..