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Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Music "Music box dancer"

I have been busy working around the house trying to knock some stoff off my check list.  I had let the yard go a bit due to my work schedule.  Well I had to catch up the house stuff and I am working on a project for my shed and I will enclose pics and a story later this week.   
     I was working on the airplane and I was listening to the music I have on my phone and this song came on and I figured "Why not"  Something I am sure even Old NFO has heard from his youth watching the wright flyer under construction or something.....:)  And since I am an equal opportunity annoyer, I found out that Eminem released a version of this song so this would be for my favorite blog babe Momma Fargo when she was rolling dirty in da hood.

"Music Box Dancer" is an instrumental piece by Canadian musician Frank Mills that was an international hit in the late 1970s. It features a piano theme that is accompanied by other instrumentation, designed to resemble a music box.
"Music Box Dancer" was written and recorded by Frank Mills in 1974, but it was not to become a single until 1978 By Christmas of that year, it was in the top ten of many pop music charts throughout Europe and Asia. Released as a single in the United States late in 1978, it reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in April 1979 and it also reached number three on the Canadian Adult Contemporary chart and number 47 on the Canadian pop chart. The single also did well in Australia, reaching number 14 on the Australian Singles Chart (Kent Music Report).

Mills released an album in 1974 that featured "Music Box Dancer", but it was not a hit initially. When he re-signed with Polydor Records Canada in 1978, the label released a new song as a single, with "Music Box Dancer" on the B-side. The single was sent to easy listening stations in Canada, but a copy was sent in error to CFRA-AM, a pop station in Ottawa. The program director played the A-side and couldn't figure out why it had been sent to his station, so he played the B-side to see if the record was mistakenly marked. He liked "Music Box Dancer" and added it to his station's playlist, turning the record into a Canadian hit. Iconic Ottawa Valley radio personality Dave "50,000" Watts gave the record extensive airplay on the station.The album went gold in Canada, which prompted Polydor in the US to release the album and single with the B-side, "The Poet and I".
The million-selling Gold-certified single reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the spring of 1979 as well as #4 on the Billboard Easy Listening chart, while the album reached #21 on the Billboard Top Album chart and also went gold. Polydor awarded a gold record to TV station WNGE for breaking the single in the U.S.

It was Mills' only U.S. Top 40 pop hit; the follow-up, another piano instrumental titled "Peter Piper", peaked at #48 on the Billboard Hot 100 although it was a popular Top 10 hit on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Mills managed one final Adult Contemporary chart entry, "Happy Song", which peaked at #41 at the beginning of 1981.

"Music Box" is a song by American rapper Eminem, featured on his 2009 album Relapse: Refill, the re-release of his album Relapse.

 In the song Eminem raps through the eyes of a sadistic killer who likens his prey to a delicious meal, fueled by the haunting sound of his music box. The production was praised as "minimalistic, which consists simply of deep bass thump and a looping toy-chest's song, which provides the perfect backdrop for Eminem's ferocious delivery." Sputnikmusic described the song as a twinkly, horror dreamy song.


  1. LOL, I don't think I've ever heard ANY version of that song, or at least I don't remember it... :-)

  2. You know I love my Eminem. And I will always cherish Mills' song. It is musically brilliant.