The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Media musings....and gun control.......again........

I was out and about yesterday and I was in a store and they had the news on CNN, well they had this big report about mass murders...and they were talking about the jerk in the theater in LA.  Well they had a news report about who commits the most mass murders and they had this graph that had "white people" as the biggest mass murderers out there.....Well I suppose this guy would object..

     For those that don't know their history,  Chairman MAO killed millions of people, I recall the statistic was 60 million...not personally but through his orders from the cultural revolutions and the famines and has shaped the thought of millions of liberals...  Another mass murderer on the podium is this gentlemen..

"Uncle Joe" Stalin has killed about 20 million people through his purges of his people and the resulting purges severely weakened the Red Army that was noticed a couple of years later when the Soviets invaded Finland and had their ass handed to them, but finally won through sheer manpower.  His thoughts have also influenced many leftist by the thought of having somebody tell them what to do.     We will also have the favorite boogieman of the left....

   Adolph Hitler is well known for his extermination of 6 millions Jews plus other "undesirables".  He of course is used as the poster child by the left when ever they get into a debate with a conservative...the Average liberals don't know or forgets that the word "NAZI" is a shortened word for "National Socialist Deutchen Arbeiten Party or NSDAP or shortened to "Nazi"  the translation of NSDAP is "National Socialist German Workers Party.  Hardly the bastion of conservatism that the liberals make it out to.

    The news about this guy whom was the shooter, this guy that happened to like Rand Paul, the westboro church and hitler is a boon to the leftist in this country.  You noticed the feed about this guy is all over the news and has dominated the news cycle, the left has another white guy that killed people and they are painting him with the conservative brush...the media elitist had to get the news of the muslim jerk killing those marines at the recruiting station off the news feed...this stuff is hurting the efforts of "Dear Leader" to transform this nation to an image of his making.

   The same media that overwhelming supports the narrative of the Democrats and other leftist...the Media that under our system is considered one of the pillars of a free society, the media that used to report on the wrongdoings of all politicians..you know the media that is responsible for all the news that gets reported...the media that was charged by our constitution that a free press was vital for the vitality of the American system....The media that is supposed to help keep abuse of power in check
Yeah....these guys....
     But since this nutjob did the shooting in a "gun free" zone...the usual suspects

 immediately pushed the same call for more "reasonable gun control".    I don't know about you but this is getting old...We regular gun owners are always pilloried by the gun control groups and politicians for more control...they call it "Reasonable"...everytime I hear the word "reasonable" I immediately know that there will be more restrictions on the law abiding.   

     The areas that got shot up were"Gun free" zones...funny how the laws and edicts that the self serving politicians pass don't regulate the behavior of the crazy.....Just the law abiding.
     I don't know about you...but I will use a paraphrase of Joseph Stalin Order #227



  1. Yeah, blaming us is the favorite game of the left, facts be damned... And it was another gun free zone...

  2. Well, I have to agree with your points. Fun post. Of course, it's the NRA's fault.