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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Returning from camping

Well did return from camping and I did have a good time, the faithful Ranger made the trip..

loaded with camping gear.  we faithfully traversed the span of the Peach of the South and dodged the various municipalities that use revenue based traffic enforcement policies...that tend to target those that are not local denizens of said municipalities...After a journey fraught with danger, we arrived at the camp with our numbers and wallet intact.
     I was asked by Mac the camp director to teach the "rifle shooting" merit badge,  I have no problem with this besides I like to shoot, Mac and his boss are good friends of mine so such a request is easy and an honor to do.
       We had some rain.....it would show up especially in the late afternoon...we would have to plan activities around the weather

      I had a good bunch of kids and they had a good time, I run a relaxed range, as long as the kids follow my instructions, I don't go drill sergeant on them.

They are using the CZ 452..a very good rifle

   I have commented in the past that the camp has some real good rifles...I have seen some camp rifles that are totally shot out.  Whomever purchased these did a good job and the staff do a good job ensuring that the rifles are well taken care of.
     After the kids left, I would indulge myself with one of the H&R M12 .22LR that are available.
   I had some ammo to shoot..
I had a good time and I did respectable...I didn't change the sights and I had no idea how I shot until I finished.

The target...Not bad.

    As a scoutmaster, I also had an opportunity to earn a very difficult patch....some of the requirements were brutal......I will give some examples.....the memory still brings me pain.....
     We were required to take naps in the afternoon.......and the horror of horror.....we were required to drink coffee......this was worse than waterboarding......after this experience......I might need some help

   I did have a good time despite having to really work for the scoutmaster patch.  I would go again.....


   I went to get the pic of the scout law...and my phone died.....it is the breaks....


  1. Great post! I think that was pretty good shooting. Sounds like a success. Love the pics and the Scout Oath is marvelous.

  2. Glad it went well, and good shooting!!!

  3. Glad it went well, and good shooting!!!