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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Left went after O'Reilly and now going after Hannity

Right after Bill Oreilly was canned by Fox News for  supposedly improprieties with female staffers, the left ignoring the stuff their own do targeted the advertisers for Fox News.  And FoxNews caved, they waited until Oreilly was out of the country on vacation and then wacked him.  Well Roger Ailes is no longer running Fox news, the sons are, and the sons and their wives are part of the well heeled of the New York Liberal set.  The liberal left is rejoicing and now they are going after the 2nd most powerful person at Fox and that is Hannity.  Now Hannity has vowed to fight the charges made by some women that happened 15 years ago, and he stated in his program that he has a team of lawyers and investigators and they will go after anyone that tries to file a spurious charge on him.  I live in the Atlanta area, I got exposed to talk radio in the early 90's and the announcer was Neal Boortz, he was the direct competition for Hannity in the Atlanta market.  Boortz called him "Baby Jesus" for his image is squeaky clean.

     Sean Hannity has maintained that image since he left the Atlanta market to hit it big in New York and syndication.  And yes I can hear the Hannity show here in Atlanta.  Sean has stated that" this is a coordinated effort to silence all conservative voices on the air."
      My opinion is that the left is laying the groundwork for 2018 and 2020, 2018 is a dry run for silencing opponents to their agenda and they want them gone by 2020 so there will be nobody that will be on the air supporting President Trump.  Sean and others like him have been supporters of President Trump since he announced his nomination and when he got the GOP nomination for President.  If the left is successful, then they will be able to control the narrative. and Trump will find himself alone trying to get his message out there. and with the media and democrats using the same playbook, they will be able to bury his message.  Remember there was a survey out a couple of days ago on drudge about the overwhelmingly negative coverage President Trump is getting whereas in 2009, the same media treated President Obama as a rock star and pop culture icon. 
     The liberals are doing this so when they have control again, they will make sure that they will never lose the power again, never allow an opposing voice to be heard. 


  1. Isn't is sad? I know some of this has to be a problem because of all the implications-remember Bill Cosby? But the more it goes on and on and now is hitting EVERYONE at Fox? Come on. What is really going on here? Are we trying to silence the right?

    1. Hey Momma Fargo;

      Yes I honestly believe that there is a concerted attempt to silence the conservative media outlets. Once they are gone, then the narrative will be wholly in control of the Democrats and their willing media allies.

  2. This one isn't the Left. I actually knew Deb Schlussel, Hannity's accuser and long-time stalkerette, back in the day. She's seriously far-right and an attention-seeker of the first order, always going for shock instead of trying to make it by being credible.

    1. Hey Murphy;

      Even though she is a far right supporter, they gloss over that part and focusing on the fact that she is a women and she was harassed by Hannity. She is a willing tool of the left.