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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wall to wall Counseling...

 I am still out of Country and will be back tomorrow Yay!, this is loaded in the Scheduler thingie with Blogger

This has been something that I read about a few years and to me it was "Military Humor" and a good read

Military leadership is the process of influencing others in gaining respect and confidence
in order to accomplish the mission. Leaders have many tools available to them to assist them in
accomplishing this mission, and one of the most important is counseling. Effective counseling
will help make poor soldiers into good ones and good ones even better. It can correct marginal
performance, and it can be used to convince soldiers to make the Army their career.
However, there are some soldiers who will not respond to counseling. Perhaps the
soldier is incapable of learning the simplest of tasks. The soldier may be rebellious, challenging
authority just to see if he can “get away” with it. He may have been raised in a neighborhood
where the fist was mightier than the word; where fighting was the only way to survive. In any
case, there are some circumstances where a good kick in the pants is just what the doctor ordered
to bring the soldier back to Earth.
That’s’ what this manual is all about.
Although the teaching of a good solid knock upside the head in military academies
ceased long ago, the need for it has only intensified in recent years. The influx of large numbers
of college-trained soldiers has brought with it not only more intelligent soldiers, but also soldiers
who need to know “why” they have been sent to do something. The leader, upon being asked
“why” he has sent a soldier on police call, may feel the need to just haul off and hit the soldier
upside the head.
The leader will learn the minutiae of wall-to-wall counseling, such as when it is
appropriate, when it is inappropriate, how to prepare for the counseling session, how to conduct
the session, follow-up actions, staying out of jail, and circumstances in which wall-to-wall
counseling may be indicated but in which special techniques are called for.

   Here is the link for ""Wall to Wall Counseling"

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