The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What is up with the Left?

   I will run with a post before going back to the "Red Storm Rising". postings.   I have heard some of the leftist getting real upset about Trump dropping the MOAB on the Taliban.  My opinion is that Trump used this to make a statement to the world that it "isn't business as usual" and there are adults in charge.  Meanwhile the leftist are besides themselves...
To understand the present day snowflake, they are on the cutting edge of the outrage machine, they are trying soo hard to be relevant with their peers.  The average leftist has the attention span of a gnat, they move from cause to cause and outrage to outrage, they are trying soo hard to ride the latest craze or cause to "Matter".  to themselves and their friends.  The average liberal has nothing else to live for, the politics consume their soul.  We conservatives strike a balance, we don't cut off friends if they are liberals, but the average leftist will have a "scorched Earth" policy, if you don't believe like they do, then to the average leftist, "you are a Nazi" and deserve every bad thing that happens to you.  They will cut you off, if you are family, they will disown you, if you are a friend, they will denounce you for heresy and try to get you fired from your job because " you deserve it" .
The average leftist view "us" as less than human and we deserve everything bad that happens to us.  When people view their opponents and fellow people as "less than Human", this is a basis for genocide, like sending their fellow Americans to a "FEMA camps" for reeducation or extermination..   I truly have grave concerns for the near future and the future that my son will inherit.


  1. There is no room for compromise left, Garibaldi. All you can do now is either bow down to them, or punch back. If they disown you, you must reject them. My daughter is at the leading edge of Generation Snowflake; she destroyed three generations of family and has turned us against each other. There's no going back either. People that are this stupid, this unethical... They can't be trusted. In years past people that acted like this were punished and shunned... And the way things are going they will be again. How much damage will they do first?
    I fear for your son too, after having seen my daughter consumed by this fascism. You make darned sure your boy knows what these people are and how they work or they will destroy him and your family too if they can.

  2. Hey Glen;

    For what it is worth, I am truly sorry this happened to you, it is bad when politics destroy a family and it should not be this way. The family is supposed to support each other through good times and bad, to have this happen is unconscionable. Unfortunately this is the way of the snowflake generation. I hope that she grows out of this stage of her life and realize what she had.
    I am fortunate that my son has the same political beliefs that I do and I hope he maintains it.