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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Musings....

I will be moving around a bit,  On Saturday I had family to support my son and his band performance.  We did a bit of yard sale stuff because my mom likes that sort of stuff.  While I was out I picked out a couple of things, one was a chair and this is what it looked like after I repaired it and stained it.

I did the work at a friends shop since my garage is still being thinned out from all the stuff that we "inherited" from my Mother in laws house.

The chair actually turned out well.   I also picked up a model car, it was an impulse buy for me, which is unusual, I don't normally make impulse buys
I really like the "Torino" series of Ford cars, and my "dream" car besides a 1985/86 Ford SVO Mustang, which looks like this..

I really liked the Ford Torino series, especially this style...
Man if I ever hit the lottery, I would own them.  

     We had Irma come through here, all we got was some power loss, lots of debris in my yard, and no power for part of the day.  That is it.  Considering what some people got, we got off light.  I did have my pistols loaded around the house and I brought out my 870, now that shotgun I havn't fired since the late 80's.  I need to rectify that.

The Remington is a "870 Police" shotgun, well at least that is what it says on the receiver.  I bought it in 1987, it is my "oldest" gun that I am the first owner.  I bought it from the Rod and gun club on Nellingen Barracks.

     I am still waiting for my AR-15 lower to come in so I can finish my AR build.   The Storms have screwed up shipments.

   On a different note, I watched a movie called "White Tiger", it is on "Youtube" and was actually a good story, Most of the equipment was authentic except the "Tiger Tank" was a recovered "JS-1 tank.  From what I have read, the director tried to have one made for the movie and it had all kinds of problems with the drive system so they had to "Make one with a Stalin Heavy tank, unless you were really good at Tank ID, you would probably miss it.  I count Boogie wheels and spacing, and turret location, but that is me :)

After a WWII Eastern Front tank battle, a Russian tank operator is found in a destroyed Soviet tank. Miraculously recovering from burns on 90% of his body, he suffers amnesia and cannot recall his identity. He receives a new passport in the name Naydёnov (from the Russian word for "found"), and is returned to duty. Naydёnov believes he has the mysterious ability to communicate with tanks as if they were people, though he tries not to advertise this. He is also recognized as the best tank driver in his army group.
In the meantime, rumors arise about a new, invincible Nazi tank that appears seemingly out of nowhere and disappears just as quickly, destroying dozens of Soviet tanks. This mysterious, heavily armoured and powerfully armed enemy tank is dubbed "White Tiger" by the Soviet forces.
Naydёnov believes it is this tank that nearly killed him, and he is out for revenge. Given his skills, Naydёnov is ordered to locate and destroy this White Tiger. Naydёnov becomes obsessed with finding the mysterious Nazi tank. He is convinced that the enemy tank is unpiloted, being essentially a ghost of war. The counterintelligence officer assigned to tracking down the White Tiger, who helps Naydёnov, comes to believe the latter's interpretation.
During a subsequent battle, Naydёnov comes upon the White Tiger tank in an abandoned village and engages it in a tank battle. The White Tiger is damaged but not destroyed, and it manages to escape. The counterintelligence officer then attempts to convince his commanding general that both the White Tiger tank and the "born again" Naydёnov are creations not of man, but of the war itself. The general is unconvinced and sends the counterintelligence officer on leave, thinking the officer is exhausted.
After the fall of Nazi Germany, the counterintelligence officer meets Naydёnov in a field and tries to convince him that the war is over. But Naydёnov disagrees, saying that the war will not truly end until the White Tiger is destroyed. Naydёnov believes the White Tiger has gone into hiding. He claims it is inevitable that it will come back in several decades, unless it is eradicated.
This suggests that the White Tiger is a metaphor for war itself, and that Naydёnov is a symbol of all people who have been damaged by war but have, as a result, acquired an iron-willed conviction to oppose war in any of its forms. Naydёnov then mysteriously vanishes along with his tank, presumably having gone in search of the White Tiger.
In the final scene, Hitler is shown seated in a large room with a fireplace (Hell), talking to a shadowy stranger (the Incarnation of Satan) and defending his actions during the war.

    I HATE ReCAPcha btw


  1. Remington 870 is the best. I carried it for duty. Pump action. Would do it again. in fact, I want one for trap, one for hunting, and one for the Zombies. All different modifications of course. Love old cars and the Torino is quite Grand.

  2. Ford Torinos were what my high school used for driver's ed in the early to mid '70s. Unlike today's schools that may just have one car for DE, I seem to recall we had at least several. Driver's Ed was a scheduled class during the school day, not the after-school extra it is in most places now (if offered at all via public school campus).