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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Phone scams......

I am moving the blog all over the place....what can I say...I am like that :). 

   I figured I would touch upon phone scams and an app that I use.  Those that know me in "meatspace" know that I work the night shift and having people call me is sometimes problematic.  Well a few weeks ago, I heard about an app called ""Hiya".  It does a good job screening calls.  Those numbers that are telemarketers and scammers are automatically blocked....and the best part is that the app is "free".
  Go check out the link.  It is a very good app and I hope y'all find it useful.

    I also pulled this information off from Clark Howard's Website.  he is a consumer advocate and he knows how to make pennies whimper.  Well I saw this article about phone scams and I had my "Hiya" app block 2 telemarketers calls this morning.  I happen to be up instread of asleep and those clowns would have woke me up.  Even if I don't answer, the ringing of the phone would wreck my sleep anyway.
If you receive a call or text message on your cell phone from an unfamiliar area code, proceed with caution!
Inc.com reports that the “one ring scam” Clark.com has told you about over the years has resurfaced once again — and it’s coming after your money.
Read more: Scammers are using text messages to steal your bank info

Warning: This old phone scam is back

According to the Federal Trade Commission, scammers are using auto-dialers to call cell phone numbers across the country, letting the phone ring just one time before disconnecting.
Inc.com reports that there are actually three versions of this scam now:
  1. Scammer calls and hangs up before anyone answers
  2. Scammer waits for the victim to answer and plays a pre-recorded message of someone in an emergency situation and then hangs up
  3. Scammer sends a text message indicating that they are in trouble
Consumers face no danger by receiving the message, but calling or texting back can be quite costly.
Although the area codes may look domestic, they’re international calls to premium phone numbers, which are like 900 numbers. Victims have been hit with an international call fee, plus an expensive per-minute charge.
Sometimes the scammers will reportedly play hold music or ads in an attempt to keep victims on the line.
According to the FTC, some of the area codes that have possibly been linked to the one ring scam include: 268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829, 849 and 876.
Inc.com has an extended list of area codes, including many in the Caribbean, on its website.
Bottom line: If you receive an unexpected call or text from an area code you don’t recognize, don’t answer it. Do a Google search to see where the number is registered. If it’s someone you know, they’ll call back.
Always be sure to review your cell phone bill carefully and contact your carrier about any suspicious charges.
If you or someone you know became a victim of the one ring scam, you can file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.


  1. I will look into this. As of now, I have programmed my phone to only let people on my contact list thru.

    1. Hey Tewshooz
      I appreciate you looking. When I get some good stuff, I try to pass it along.

  2. I'm like you, I work swing and am up half the night. I had an especially infuriating IRS scammer that kept bugging me from a local number early in the morning, I finally took care of him by calling him back in the middle of the night and waking him up a few times. Funny how much he didn't appreciate that.
    I have also been getting the one ring thing from strange area codes so I am going to try this out.
    Thanks a ton for the info and I got here from Borepatch.

    1. Hey Phil;

      I have thought about doing that also a few times, LOL. I appreciate you coming over from Borepatch's spot to look around.

  3. Don't you have a droid device? You can set the do not disturb and program in specific numbers only.

    Like when I was still in, I had it set up for my First Sergeant, CO, and the BN CO.

    At Scout Camp, Laura, Maybe, and the SE

    1. Hey Mack;

      Yep I do, and I never knew that the phone had that capability. Next time I see you, I will ask you how you manage that. or I can figure it out on my own....Naaaa better to annoy you with it, lol

  4. Hiya works! I've had it for a while...

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Well I ran across it purely by accident, and I am glad I did


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