The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

“It’s Either Freedom, Or It’s War!”

 “It’s Either Freedom, Or It’s War!”
Negotiate? Cooperate? Capitulate?
Are you kidding?  For God’s sake my fellow Americans, that’s how we got here.  Don’t you get it?  Sure!  While we negotiated, they regulated!  While we cooperated, they indoctrinated!  While we capitulated, they propagated.   
When they were in power, which has been for way too long, they did whatever they pleased, in disdain of the constitutional limits placed upon them.  When we were in power they cried for bi-partisanship.   If we took actions to save the country from bankruptcy, they called us baby killers, child “starvers” and abject racists.  If we said some of our institutions and un-funded liabilities would send us headlong into bankruptcy, they said we were crazy.  If we challenged their policies, they called us un-educated, irrational and radical.
For over 100 years they have inched us closer and closer to an Absolute Democrat Monarchy.   They were able to achieve it by our side negotiating, cooperating, capitulating and even worse, appeasing.  In that 100 years they bought off huge segments of the American people with “free” gifts from the public treasury (our money) and made those segments weak, dependent on government and loyal voters of the “gift” providers, or all powerful, like big business, big banks and big unions.  As each decade went by and we negotiated, cooperated and capitulated, they took our freedom and stomped on it.  They took our liberty and called it non-sense.  They shredded our constitution and called it meaningless.  They robbed us of our wealth and called it compassion.  They diluted our sovereignty and called it necessary to the one world order.
Our side has followed the failed policies of England’s Nevil Chamberlain, that delayed taking on one of the greatest bullies of history, Hitler and the Third Reich.  That delay caused millions more people to needlessly die.  Our delay in not taking on the other side in a more forceful fashion may have just resulted in the end of freedom in America as we know it.  We have been regulated and indoctrinated to death and our public treasury squandered on irrational compassion, waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.  Our actions, or in-actions as the case may be, have allowed our freedom train to build up so much speed, it has no other future than to end in a horrendous crash on a sharp curve, or at the end of the line.  The crash is just around the next bend in the tracks.
In the first-ever hydrogen balloon ride across the English Channel on June 4th, 1783, the gondola riders had to start unloading items into the sea.  It seems that their balloon was leaking hydrogen fast and they were in danger of sinking into the channel before they reached the shores of the European Continent.  They had to start dumping every non-essential item over board.  They even took off their pants and threw those overboard as well.  When they arrived in France, the greeters were a little taken back by the lack of attire displayed by these lighter-than-air adventurers.
Well ladies and gentlemen, we are perched on a violently tossing gondola, under an un-stable air balloon and the hot air is leaking from that which holds us aloft.  The leak is growing by the day.  We either start unloading our excess baggage from the gondola, our we will descend into the ocean and drown.  It may even come down to dumping our pants and shirts overboard, if we are to prevent ditching into the unforgiving briny deep of bankruptcy, chaos and anarchy.
But rather than decreasing the weight of the gondola, we submit that a better strategy would be to determine why the balloon is leaking in the first place and plug the leak, before we start dumping everything overboard, you know, like our freedom, liberty and sovereignty.
How to plug the leak is simple.  How to implement the plug is problematical.  It seems that our once-great Republic is now occupied by weak, dependent and loyal, voting subjects of the Absolute Democrat Monarchy and won’t bite the hand that feeds them.  While we negotiated, cooperated and capitulated with the other side for the last 100 years, they were busy regulating, indoctrinating and propagating their failed ideology and convinced millions of naive individuals, who forgot that freedom comes at a price, that the “light”, the “way” and the “path” are that of a powerful, centralized, nanny government.  They opted for security rather than liberty.  They opted for a free handout instead of the harder path of self-reliance, responsibility and independence.  Many of those Americans salivated at the chance to get something for free, their pride and honor evaporating in the false glory of a government-sponsored gold rush.
If a free and prosperous nation is to survive long into the future, here are the facts.  Any government policy that makes individual Americans weak and dependent, is wrong!  Any government policy that weakens our defense capability, is wrong!  Any government policy that presents a posture of appeasement to the rest of the world, is wrong!  Any government policy that authorizes or advances an apology for America’s mistakes, is wrong!  Any government policy that increases federal power, over the power and rights of the states and the people, is wrong!  Any federal government policy that exceeds the enumerated powers contained in the U. S. Constitution, is wrong!  Any government policy, or ratified treaty that dilutes, decreases or eradicates American sovereignty, or is in conflict with the U. S. Constitution, is wrong!   Any government policy that brainwashes and indoctrinates our school and college-age children into the ways of liberalism, socialism, multi-culturalism and collectivism, is wrong!   Any government policy that openly refuses to, or inadequately protects our borders, is wrong!  Any government policy that rewards illegal aliens (law breakers) with amnesty, is wrong!  Any government policy that allows environmental protection to override Constitutional 5th Amendment property right safe guards, is wrong! 
Each government policy we have outlined in the last paragraph is the policy of the current administration, way too many past presidents and way too many past congresses, including the previous congress and maybe even the current one.  When will we finally yell from the roof tops and once-and-for-all tell the multitudes that the policies of the other side have been wrong ….. all wrong?  Do we shy away from the truth?  Do we avoid a fight because it is distasteful?  Have we become cowards in the defense of liberty?
So it must be evident to those who have eyes to see, that it is way past time for negotiating, cooperating and capitulating.  That has gotten us to where it always does ….. no where, or worse, less free!  We either unravel what has been un-constitutionally institutionalized over the last 100 years and do it with the force and vehemence of righteousness, or face the end of our failed experiment with liberty.  If our side does not now take the actions to plug the leak in our sinking balloon, we will be forced to throw everything overboard, in the hopes that we won’t crash into the sea, but crash we will nevertheless.  What we may have to throw overboard could very well be our own freedom.
We say, either its freedom, or its war.  Not a shooting war, but a war between vastly different ideologies.  Ideologies, where one of them is more right than the other and in keeping with the tenets of American freedom and liberty.  If we have any hopes of surviving as a free nation, there is only one choice to make, individual freedom.  The only other choice is collective enslavement, a condition brought on by too much negotiating, cooperating and capitulating to the other side. 
Rest assured that no matter how the reader may construe our message, it is our firm wish that we can restore individual freedom and reclaim our Constitutional Republic by peaceful means.  To realize that wish, tens of millions of Americans will have to stand up and be counted, for liberty, or a shooting war or unconditional capitulation may be the only two alternatives left to us.
       This is from the Desert conservative.

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