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Sunday, November 26, 2023

"Are The Palestinians open to peace and reconciliation?"


I clipped this off Quora, where there is a lot of screeching from the leftist and antisemitic about the current kerfluffle going on and facts have no bearings on their feelings.  What you are seeing in the schools and the protest here in the States and in Europe are a 2 fold problem, First off, Europe has been importing the 3rd world for several generations, and they bring the 3rd world beliefs with them, as well as the United States, we have also been for several generation been indoctrinating our children in these hives of villainy called a higher education system.  According to the intersectional victimhood politics of the left, the Palestinians are the "Victims" no matter what they do because they are resisting the "Colonizer" That would be Israel. and they have been taught that there are 2 groups of people in the world, the "Colonizer" and the "oppressed".  They see the Palestinians as "Victims" despite the fact that the Palestinians would cheerfully chunk half of them off a building doesn't even register to them.  That is how delusional they are.  You also factor in our very porous Southern border, I see terror attacks coming and the Donks will use them to push through draconian "security" a.k.a "Gun Control, Currency control, population movement controls, information control," and other measures to control the population, "Can't let a crisis go to waste" ya know.  I have stated in the past, we have a large chunk of the population that if we got attacked, would cheerfully support the attackers because we "deserve it" due to the intersectional politics of the left.  

    A guy named Geoff Caplan posted this one.

There has been a recent study conducted by Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD) among Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank, and the results are profoundly depressing.

AWRAD is an internationally respected research and consultancy agency based in Palestine.

Rejection of peace and reconciliation

The great majority are against peace with Israel on any terms:

  • 75% support the October 7 massacre
  • 85.9% reject coexistence with Israel
  • 71.1% are committed to the restoration of “historical Palestine” as a final resolution
  • 74.7% support the creation of a Palestinian state “from the river to the sea” as the only acceptable resolution of the conflict.

Support for terrorism

There is almost universal support for terror:

  • 76% believe that Hamas plays a somewhat to very positive role
  • 84% believe that Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) plays a somewhat to very positive role
  • 79.8% believe that Fatah’s terror wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, plays a somewhat to very positive role
  • 88.6% believe that Hamas’ armed wing, the Al-Kassam Brigades, plays a somewhat to very positive role.

Terror organisations have far higher support than Fatah

Fatah is hardly a force for moderation, but they are far too moderate for their own people:

  • 87.3% of the Palestinians believe that the Palestinian Authority plays a negative role
  • Only 8.4% believe that the PA should govern the West Bank and Gaza
  • 85.8% support Hamas continuing to play a role in the Palestinian government
  • 13.6% support a Hamas-only government
  • 72.2% support a “national unity” government of Fatah and Hamas.

Ingratitude and hostility towards aid providers

Negativity towards aid providers is extreme:

  • 98.2% of Palestinians see the U.S. role as negative
  • 96.7% consider the UK role as negative
  • 92.6% consider the EU role as negative.
  • 85.5% believe that these countries support Israel because of “hatred of Arabs
  • 79.5% believe that support is the result of “hatred of Muslims and Islam”

More moderate Arab countries working towards peace are equally hated:

  • 96% disapprove of the UAE
  • 95.5% disapprove of Saudi Arabia
  • 84.6% disapprove of Egypt
  • 75.6% disapprove of Jordan.

Unrealistic views on the current military situation

As an indication of the levels of self-delusion in operation here:

  • 72.6% said “Palestine” will win the current military conflict
  • 3.1% said Israel will win.

Western fellow travellers are equally delusional

Since the outbreak of the current conflict I have heard western apologists claim 100 times that:

“Hamas is not Palestine - why should the ordinary people suffer when all they want is peace?

Clearly, this is the worst kind of bias and wishful thinking.

This study shows that ongoing conflict is precisely what the majority of Palestinians support - and the more brutal the better.

It certainly explains why Israel is still wary of letting down her defences - even more so after their latest intelligence failures on the Gazan border.

Here’s a graphic summary of the result which you could share if you are so minded:

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  1. Islam is an ideology seeking to conquer the world posing as a religion. And it's adherents are capable of and willing to do literally anything to achieve that goal. No matter how heinous, barbaric or evil. And if their intended victims...the rest of the world refuses to wake up and accept this reality islam will win. And everyone else on the planet will be exterminated. We are at war with islam...to he death. And 90% of the planet refuses to accept that fact.


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