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Sunday, December 3, 2023

The Palestinian "Nakba" is a hoax

 I had gotten into arguments with idjits on farcebooks with they claiming that the Jews forcing the Palestinians to leave so they could steal their land.  I told them time and again, "No, they left on their own because they didn't want to be in the way when the Arab armies invaded to crush the newly formed Israeli state".

   Dude named Scott Steward wrote this.

The “Palestinian Nakba” is a hoax and here is the proof.

“The Nakba” is fake Arab propaganda.

The so-called “Palestinians” were not forced out of Israel by the Jews in 1948. They left voluntarily and at the instruction of Arab leaders so that the combined armies of five Arab countries could sweep in and murder all the Jews on the very first day of Israel’s existence. Today’s “Palestinians” are descendants of those who abandoned Israel and went to the sidelines expecting to return and pick the bones of dead Jews and steal their property, homes, and businesses.

Except the Jews won. Oops! Israel won that war. And overcame every Arab genocidal attack since.

The “Palestinians” sided with the losers, and have NO RIGHTS to return and no claim to any part of Israel. Today’s “Palestinians” are the descendants of those who betrayed and abandoned their Jewish hosts, who gave them homes and jobs on the kibbutzes the Jews created, and who lurked like hyenas to scavenge the property of the Jews after the Arab armies committed genocide.

Here is the contemporaneous proof:

Jamal Husseini, the chairman of the Palestine Higher Committee, told the UN Security Council that instead of accepting the Haganah's truce offer, the Arabs "preferred to abandon their homes, their belongings, and everything they possessed in the world and leave the town.

The U.S. Consul-General in Haifa, Aubrey Lippincott, wrote on April 22, 1948, for example, that "local mufti-dominated Arab leaders" were urging "all Arabs to leave the city, and large numbers did so.

Time's report of the battle for Haifa (May 3, 1948): "The mass evacuation, prompted partly by fear, partly by orders of Arab leaders, left the Arab quarter of Haifa a ghost city....By withdrawing Arab workers their leaders hoped to paralyze Haifa."

The Arab National Committee in Jerusalem, following the March 8, 1948, instructions of the Arab Higher Committee, ordered women, children and the elderly in various parts of Jerusalem to leave their homes: "Any opposition to this order...is an obstacle to the holy war...and will hamper the operations of the fighters in these districts" (Middle Eastern Studies, January 1986).

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Said, who declared: "We will smash the country with our guns and obliterate every place the Jews seek shelter in. The Arabs should conduct their wives and children to safe areas until the fighting has died down."24

The Secretary of the Arab League Office in London, Edward Atiyah, wrote in his book, The Arabs: "This wholesale exodus was due partly to the belief of the Arabs, encouraged by the boastings of an unrealistic Arabic press and the irresponsible utterances of some of the Arab leaders that it could be only a matter of weeks before the Jews were defeated by the armies of the Arab States and the Palestinian Arabs enabled to re-enter and retake possession of their country.

In his memoirs, Haled al Azm, the Syrian Prime Minister in 1948-49, also admitted the Arab role in persuading the refugees to leave: “Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homes. But we ourselves are the ones who encouraged them to leave. Only a few months separated our call to them to leave and our appeal to the United Nations to resolve on their return.”

"The refugees were confident their absence would not last long, and that they would return within a week or two," Monsignor George Hakim, a Greek Orthodox Catholic Bishop of Galilee told the Beirut newspaper, Sada al-Janub(August 16, 1948). "Their leaders had promised them that the Arab Armies would crush the 'Zionist gangs' very quickly and that there was no need for panic or fear of a long exile."

On April 3, 1949, the Near East Broadcasting Station (Cyprus) said: "It must not be forgotten that the Arab Higher Committee encouraged the refugees' flight from their homes in Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem."

"The Arab States encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion armies," according to the Jordanian newspaper Filastin (February 19, 1949).

One refugee quoted in the Jordan newspaper, Ad Difaa (September 6, 1954), said: "The Arab government told us: Get out so that we can get in. So we got out, but they did not get in."

"The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha, assured the Arab peoples that the occupation of Palestine and Tel Aviv would be as simple as a military promenade," said Habib Issa in the New York Lebanese paper, Al Hoda (June 8, 1951). "He pointed out that they were already on the frontiers and that all the millions the Jews had spent on land and economic development would be easy booty, for it would be a simple matter to throw Jews into the Mediterranean....Brotherly advice was given to the Arabs of Palestine to leave their land, homes and property and to stay temporarily in neighboring fraternal states, lest the guns of the invading Arab armies mow them down."

Below is a 1948 photograph of Arabs abandoning Israel. Notice, there are no Israelis forcing the Arabs to leave. They are choosing to abandon Israel, so that their armies can commit genocide.

Those who start war, abandon territory, and then lose the war they started have no rights or claims to anything.

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  1. To the commie left and the evil islamic world facts are irrelevant unless they serve your agenda. History is flexible, it can be useful if it helps you otherwise it can be ignored or rewritten. Truth is no longer relevant, in hasn't been for a long long time.


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