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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ford Commercials

 I love this commercial.  H/T to C/Y

As those that have read my profile know that I used to work for Ford Motor Company and I still have loyalty to that company.  Ford due to market conditions had to close my Taurus plant down.  Most places would have given you 2 weeks severance pay then unemployment.  Some places would have padlocked the door and we would have had to get a lawyer to get our pay.  Ford gave us a generous severance package,  We knew 7 months in advance that the plant was going to close, we had time to prepare.  We could transfer to Kentucky or take the buyout.  We also got 6 months medical insurance after we left.  We are still vested employees, I still have a retirement with them.   Ford morgaged themselves to the hilt to do their restructuring and make changes to save themselves.  GM and Crysler did nothing until they asked for bailout money and Obungler uses his power to circumvent the rule of law and screw over the stockholders and give large chunks of their companies to the unions to pay off their help in getting him and the democraps elected.    I have owned nothing but Fords with the exception of my first car which was a 1976 AMC Gremlin  An interesting car and I wish I had kept it.  But I was 18 and what did I know back then.  I will still only buy Fords.  Toyota, Honda ete are good cars but my preference is Ford.

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