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Friday, August 31, 2012

Democratic mispellings...and other manner issues......

I saw this while surfing the blogosphere,  I am not a grammer-Nazi but I do try to use English in the proper way.  I remember something my Dad told me many years ago, "The written word is how you will represent yourself, that will be other people will perceive you..."  I make a point when I do a posting that the spell check doesn't find anything.  It is a matter of pride especially when I see how atrocious the younger generation spell and it is ok....to them.
    I also remember something else that it is a matter of courtesy that when one party is having a convention, the other party abstains from campaigning...especially in the same area.   But we have the classy democrats breaking the courtesy....like when they had Vice President Biden show up in Tampa on Monday to give a speech.  

     Yep Democrats......Class acts.....

Doh: Democrats Flying Grammatically Incorrect Banners Around Republican Convention

Written By:
Rob Port

The Democrats hired a plane to fly anti-Romney banners around the Republican National Convention this weekend, but they may be inspiring more mirth than thoughtful opposition to Republicans.
Here’s a picture of the banner being flown around today, which mistakenly uses the singular “woman” instead of the plural “women.”
Last week, while Romney was appearing in Ohio, Democrats flew another banner around which also had an error using “then” (which relates to time) as opposed to “than” (which is a word used in comparisons).
I work without an editor, and make my fair share of typos and spelling/grammar mistakes, but then I’m not hooking my blog posts up to the back of an airplane and flying them around.

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