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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Story of LEGO's

I was cruising through my blogroll and visited The blog of Irish  as I tend to do everyday since he has a lot of good stuff on it.  I saw this video.  I took the time to watch it and remember back in the 70's my Dad was stationed in Germany in the Frankfurt area and he had purchased for my brother and myself a bunch of LEGO stuff for it was very popular in Germany.  When we came back to the states, the people here didn't know what those little plastic blocks were.  My brother and I built many things with those blocks...from cities and towns where our toy soldiers would engage in urban warfare to airplanes and boats....that had guns on them of course.   My brother and I were the terrors of our neighborhood as far as "kiddie" warfare went.  We would engage in set place battles with other kids after the rules of engagements have been formalized with our toy tanks, toy airplanes and toy soldiers.   We were undefeated:)  That is what happens when we studies the rules of warfare and the tactics of Rommel  and Patton and using historical precedents.   We would crush the other kids battle plans.   Nowadays that would have gotten us referred to some shrink or something.  But this was the 70's and it was a different time.


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  1. Interesting video, and I had never heard 'all' the backstory! Thanks!