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Friday, March 28, 2014

Bacon saves Plants.......

I saw this on a fellow coworkers toolbox and got a laugh on it.   I will be busy again this weekend camping with the Boy Scouts...and it is supposed to rain.....Or we call it "Liquid Sunshine".  and I like the use the phrase "If it ain't raining....it ain't training.."     I will use the scheduler to upload stuff for the weekend.....The scheduler worked well last time.

Consider this a P.S.A. from this blog.

I am planning a trip to "Bass Pro Shops" to pick up a little bit of ammo.   I have been buying a bit of ammo each week to build up my stock.   I am looking for .22LR, .38 special, .357 magnum, 40 cal, and of course 12 GA and 5.56 and some more .308.  Gotta see how it goes....Perhaps next week.


  1. You should find most everything on your list. Ammo supplies are generally much better than last year, with prices coming close to reasonable. The use of unobtanium in the priming compound for rimfire makes your search for .22LR fruitless. It is never on the shelf.

  2. Be curious to know if you're limited on amounts... Last time I was there, it was three boxes total!