The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Foreign Policy regarding Russia

This is a tough post, despite the humor,
     The Ukraine is getting robbed by Russia and the world stands by and does nothing.   The pisser is that they were expecting us to help.  Back in 1994 when the Ukraine gave up their nuclear arms, it was in the promise that we and Europe would help them if they ever got attacked.  Well they are getting attacked and we and the Europeans folded like a camp chair(interesting analogy for that describes the messiah), but I digress.  Well in 2009 when Obungler sent Hillery to do a "reset" of our relations and it didn't work.  Obama unilaterally pulled a missile shield from Poland and Eastern Europe with no concessions from the Russians.

well Obama also promised Putin that he would have more flexibility after the 2012 election and he does.  He has thrown our ally and our promise in the dirt,  I doubt any other nation will believe anything we say.  Politically, the Ukraine is next door to Russia so it is easier for them to get there than we can.  But after 13 years of war, our equipment is tired and wore out as our troops, and there is no political will to step up and help.  The last country that we promised to help in case they were attacked was South Vietnam and we know how that went.
What happened was that the North invaded the South to unify the country, despite the treaty commitments we had with the South Vietnamese, The Anti-war democrats were firmly ensconced in the Congress, And the political will wasn't there, Gerald Ford had replaced Richard Nixon whom had narrowly avoided impeachment by resigning, the funny thing is that Obama has done far worse than Nixon and the congress refuses to push through impeachment hearings, mostly because the democrats control the senate and that is where the hearing would be held at. 
     Well after 5 years of Obama and trillions of debt, we are much lessened as a country, and we refuse to honor treaty commitments because Obama is only vicious to the GOP, and the media will cover for him, but overseas the media isn't so in love or have soo much invested in the messiah so they tend to report the truth, not the fantasy that is spun by the propaganda arm of the Democrats Mainstream Media. 
After this, I doubt any other country will trust the United States to keep its word, and I guess that is by design since Obama has promised "hope and change" and we have been changed as a nation, and not for the better.


  1. It's all about Crimea and access to Sevastopol... THAT is what Putin wanted back, and he got it. Also Putin is 're-establishing' that 'border' against the EU and the West (can we spell USSR???)... sigh

  2. We have left too many allies and potential allies to twist in the wind. Our credibility is gone, and someday we will pay for it.

  3. Putin seems to aspire to avenge the fall of the Soviet Union. Obama perhaps aspires to avenge the expulsion of his socialist father from the U.S.