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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The conduct of Hillary Rodham Clinton during watergate.....

I guess I will start paying more attention to Hillary, since the same media that gave us the most transparent administration in history have decided that since a black man is president, now it is the turn of a women to inhabit that office all in the name of diversity, qualifications and integrity don't mean anything, as long as another block is checked off.    I saw Hillary making the Sunday talk show rounds and she being coy about the media fawning over her like they did for the messiah back in 2007/2008.  This shows me that the fix is in and she has already been coronated by the media and other elitist to be the new standard bearer.  I made a comment back in 2008 when Hillary and Obama were dueling for the democratic nomination, I had commented to a friend of mine *ShellDude*"Obama is a lightweight, Hillary is vicious and vindictive."  I remembered the antics she had pulled when Bill was president from the White House travel office firings, to the Rose Law Office being located in their private quarters 2 years after being subpoenaed.  Funny how that works out.   Remember Hillary "dodging" sniper fire in Bosnia and that was debunked.   I have noticed that anybody that ever went up against the Clintons especially Hillary, things happened like a disproportionate amount of "Suicides" statistically speaking compared to the general population.

Hillary Clinton Ex-Boss Says He Fired Her from Her Work on the Watergate Investigation for Being a "Liar" and "Unethical"-Truth!
Summary of the eRumor:  The eRumor says that as a 27-year old working on the Watergate Investigation in the 1970s,  Hillary Clinton was "fired" from her position for being a "liar" and "unethical."

The Truth:  This email is the text of a column published on March 31, 2008 by Dan Calabrese, founder of Northstar Writers Group (www.northstarwriters.com).
The story is based on statements by Jerry Zeifman, a Democrat, who was a counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee.  He said that he supervised then Hillary Rodham who got a job working on the investigation of the Watergate scandal, which eventually brought Richard Nixon's presidency to an end through resignation.

Zeifman published a book in 2006 titled Hillary's Pursuit of Power.  On his website, which is no longer on the Internet, Zeifman said "Hillary Clinton is ethically unfit to be either a Senator or   President--and if she were to become President, the last vestiges of the traditional moral authority of the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Johnson will be destroyed."

Zeifman said that during her work on the investigation of the Watergate scandal, Hillary Rodham "...engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules."
In 1998 Zeifman was a consultant to a member of the Judiciary Committee that impeached President Bill Clinton and said he "gained extensive personal insights into the unethical practices of Hillary Clinton in her White House 'West Wing' office."

Specifically, Zeifman believes that Hillary Rodham Clinton and others wanted Richard Nixon to remain in office to enhance the chances of Senator Ted Kennedy or another Democrat being elected president.  Zeifman contends that in 1974 a young lawyer who shared an office with Clinton came to him to apologize that he and Clinton had lied to him.  The lawyer, John Labovitz, is quoted as saying that he was dismayed with 
"...her erroneous legal opinions and efforts to deny Nixon representation by counsel -- as well as an unwillingness to investigate Nixon." 

Zeifman charges that Clinton regularly consulted with Ted Kennedy's chief political strategist, which was a violation of House rules.

Another reason for Clinton's conduct, according to Zeifman, was that Democrats did not want Nixon to face an impeachment trial because they feared that as a part of his defense Nixon might want to bring up abuses of office by President John Kennedy.

Zeifman said he regrets that when he terminated Clinton from the Nixon impeachment staff he did not report her unethical practices to the appropriate bar association.

There has not been any response that we have found from Clinton to the book or to Zeifman's accusations.

Posted  04/7/08  Updated 01/11/14 

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