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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Music.."Going Down to Liverpool" Bangles

I made it back, I had gone camping with the Boy Scouts and I drove back Sunday afternoon,  The scheduler worked!  I had preloaded 3 things into the scheduler so I would have something pop up in my blog while I was gone and it worked!   I was impressed, I had never really used this feature before.  I like to put something up at least once a day on my little corner of the internet and I hate leaving it unattended for several days when I go out of town on a camping trip.  I will use the scheduler more frequently rather than leave "dead air" so to speak when I have to go somewhere.  But I digress.  I was driving home and I was thinking of what song to use for my "Monday Music" and I haven't decided and I have this song on my phone along with many others that I play through the "Bluetooth Audio Stream" in my car, well it came on and I decided to use it today.  I always liked the Bangles (Besides being hot, I am a guy of course)  I considered them very talented musicians...to the scale of Meatloaf? or Fleetwood Mac or KISS or AC/DC...No......But way better than that douche-nozzle bieber that keeps making the news nowadays for various escapades.

"Going Down To Liverpool" is a song written by Kimberley Rew for his group Katrina and The Waves, although best remembered by a cover done by The Bangles. The song was first released on the band's 1982 EP titled Shock Horror! (with the band then simply named The Waves) and also included on their 1983 debut album Walking on Sunshine, which was only released in Canada. The version included on both releases featured Rew on lead vocals.
When the band signed with major label Capitol Records, the song was re-recorded with Katrina Leskanich on lead vocals and included on their 1985 self-titled album . Although never released as a single, it was featured as the b-side of two of the bands' singles, Plastic Man and their breakthrough hit Walking on Sunshine.
American female band The Bangles covered the song on their 1984 major label debut album All Over the Place. The song features lead vocals by Debbi Peterson and it was released as the album's second single, one of only two singles with Peterson on lead vocals, the other being "Be With You". The song had been introduced by a friend to Vicki Peterson, who immediately liked it and urged the band to record a cover.
The single failed to chart in the USA, and became a very minor UK hit in April 1985, peaking at #79. The single's b-side was the album track Dover Beach, while the 12" single featured three songs from their Bangles EP on the b-side.
When the band found success with their subsequent album Different Light, "Going Down To Liverpool" was re-released as a single in the UK and Ireland in 1986, after the release of "If She Knew What She Wants", with new cover artwork and featuring the Different Light album track "Let It Go". This time the single fared better but still only became a minor hit, peaking at #56, while it became a top 40 hit in Ireland peaking at #21.

 The music video for the song, directed by Tamar Simon Hoffs, features the band inside a car being driven around by a chauffeur, who appears to be unimpressed by the group (at one point he turns off the car radio, stopping the song). The car stops inside a tunnel and the girls walk towards the end of it, which cuts to the band playing and dancing over a red background. Leonard Nimoy played the part of the chauffeur; this came about due to a college friendship between Susanna Hoffs and Nimoy's son Adam.

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