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Monday, January 26, 2015

"You Make Loving Fun" by Fleetwood Mac. Monday Music

I was busy as heck this weekend doing Klondike, I ran the first ever archery range, The order of the Arrow lodge here in council ever did.  They host this event every January and it is a round robin of demonstration and competition of scout skills and spirit.  I ran the event as the patrols showed up, I would tell them" Pick the best shooter amongst y'all to represent your patrol and troop."  So I only had 20 minutes per cycle.  There would be 6 boys shooting 3 arrows each, one at a time since there is only 1 bow.  No warmup and using the equipment furnished by council, the equipment is worn from the thousands of boys using it so the results are as much luck as skill.  Nothing like adding some variety in it.  Then the last event was the scout leaders shooting.  Man this event wrecked a few ego's.  The skilled ones missed the target and the one that won the event with 6 points was achieved by luck.  The leaders bantered about themselves in good spirit, but the competitive was there. 
    We did our "call out" for the new members to join the lodge, the boys are supposed to vote for the ones amongst themselves that best typifies the belief in selfless service.  My son was "called out" for induction into the order of the Arrow. 

After being elected or nominated, candidates may participate in a call-out ceremony to recognize those Scouts and Scouters that were selected before they attend their Ordeal. The call-out ceremony may be performed at summer camp, a camporee, a call-out weekend or at a unit meeting. Candidates subsequently participate in an Ordeal, intended to emphasize service and selflessness during the induction, "candidates maintain complete silence, receive small amounts of food, work on camp improvement projects, and are required to sleep alone, apart from other campers, which teaches significant values." If they succeed in their ordeal the candidates are then welcomed as Ordeal members in a formal Ordeal Ceremony.

     I am very proud of my son because he was selected by his troop and he is a good kid whom I hopes will be a good man one day.  The order of the Arrow is a different part of the Boy Scout experience and it compliments it greatly.  The pride I felt was difficult to express.  

   Now on to my Monday Music, I was driving home and I was debating what music to do on my blog, I had my radio on XMSIRIUS and I normally have it on the "80's" channel which is "8", but I also listen to stuff from the 70's and 90's.  Well I had it on the 70's channel and this song came on and it was Fleetwood Mac, one of my favorite all time bands.  Normally Stevie Nicks does the vocals, but Christine McVie did the vocals, and she is no slouch either.  She has an excellent voice and really does a number on this song.   I have this album on vinyl, and CD.  It is a good what I call "Roadtrip" album.  All of the songs are good.

   "You Make Loving Fun" is a song written and sung by Christine McVie of the British-American band Fleetwood Mac. It was released as the fourth and final 45 rpm single from the band's album Rumours in 1977; its fourth top-ten hit from Rumours, it peaked at number nine on the Billboard Pop Singles Chart.

The song was inspired by an affair McVie had with Curry Grant. "To avoid flare-ups", she told her then-husband John McVie that the song was about her dog; he found out later what it was really about.
Early tracking of the song was done, according to McVie, in the absence of Lindsey Buckingham, which allowed her the freedom to "build the song on my own". The recording sessions were saturated with cocaine use. Buckingham played rhythm guitar (through a Leslie) and tracking was done with a Fender Rhodes, Nicks playing tambourine. John McVie's bass was rerecorded again later, and Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie dubbed Hohner Clavinet parts. In an interview with the New York Post she remarked that she wanted it to be the third US single from the album, but instead "Don't Stop" was chosen, which boosted the album's commercial success in the US and the UK.
"You Make Loving Fun" was a concert staple for Fleetwood Mac and was played during every tour involving Christine McVie from 1976 until 1997, a year before McVie's departure from the band and retirement from touring. It has since been revived for Fleetwood Mac's 2014-2015 tour when McVie rejoined the band.
      This is a live performance of the band and song back in 1977.  This was before they started realizing that music video's can be used to better market the song and get it better exposure.  I kinda prefer the live performances of the 70's music for you really see how the bands were like back then.
    I will also include the 1997 performance during the reunion tour and live album "the Dance"


  1. I remember that one, and FM is here this coming weekend! :-)

  2. I remember that one, and FM is here this coming weekend! :-)

  3. Very cool weekend. I am sure you are making a good impression on all especially your son. Love Fleetwood Mac!

  4. Hey Old NFO
    Jeez...tease the crap out of a friend why don't you......

    Hey Momma Fargo
    Well I hope I do as well as you are doing with Bug. And Fleetwood Mac is still my favorite:)