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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Spineless Cowards.....islamist and the liberal establishment

I am going to run two subjects then tie them together on this post...Yay Touretts!!


     Y'all by this time have seen the ensuing drama in Paris where an Islamic hit squad killed 12 people including 4 cartoonist of the French Satire magazine Charlie Hebdo that in the past has mocked Islam.
    Charlie Hebdo also has mocked all other religions, their favorite target seemed to be the Vatican, home to the Catholic Church, but Catholics didn't have a wish to kill the cartoonist, they may not like the cartoons and considered them "Tacky".  But somehow the "Religion of Peace" seems to have a different opinion, so they decided to go kill the satirists at Charlie Hebdo to silence the critics of their religion.  What get me is that the liberals and their fellow travelers instead of condemning the act of murder and the attack against free speech, all they could do was worry that some Muslims might get their feelings hurt and that there might be a backlash against them..............Really?   

     I don't know exactly what it is , but liberals and their fellow travelers treat the followers of islam with kid gloves, when the islamist misbehave by burning stuff and killing people...all liberals can do is find some ways to justify the actions of the islamist instead of condemning it.  If the Christians or buddaheads  get ugly and protest, the liberals all climb on their high horse and condemn and mock those protesting, but let islam protest, it is totally different, the liberals treat the followers of islam like kids.  They think that they are parents and the followers of islam are children and misbehaving is somehow "OK"  having your kid throw a tantrum.  a liberal will let their kid show out in a store, whereas a conservative will quickly remind the child that there are rules of behavior to be followed.
   There is a weird symbiotic relationship between liberals and the followers of islam, I think it stems partly from the liberals hatred of western civilization and the belief in the individual, not groups and tribes.  The liberals believe, live and breath group dynamics and group politics....like lemmings. and the islamist will use the liberals for their own ends, usually having to do with the fall of Western civilization.
cartoon I saw at work and took a picture of it
   I think liberals believe that if they show how tolerant they are, that one day the followers of islam will do the same...they don't understand that the followers of islam have a totally  different mindset, the islamist truly believe that they are on a mission to spread the call of islam all over the planet, it says so in the quran.  The "older" religions also had their barbaric colonization period, but in this day and age, we have a 7th century religion in a 21st century you tube generation.  and the teachings of the islamist are totally incompatible with American ideals, we have no "state" religion, you can worship what you want.   Many came to America to flee religious persecution and our founders wanted no state religion for that was one of the issues with England.  But now we have a state religion, you can insult all other religions except islam..if you exercise your first amendment right to free speech and say unkind things about the followers of islam, you have to worry about the department of justice paying you a visit. 
     the same people that bad mouth Christianity will not say anything against islam, they are afraid of that religion.  They know that if they insult Christians or Buddhist or other groups, nothing will happen.....but if you insult islam....you have to worry about getting killed.  That ability severely limits the free speech aspects.   

   the same people that will publish a picture of a container of urine with a crucifix in it and call it "art" will immediately back down and not say anything about the the followers of islam and they will not publish any cartoons that depict Muslims in a bad light or depict Mohammed the prophet of islam, they call it "journalistic standards of decency" but in a new york minute show something derogatory about Christians or buddaheads....they are spineless cowards and have no journalistic integrity.  They are more afraid of offending a protected minority than speaking the truth, in this case the islamist have already won, the belief of "free Speech" is only free if you slander an acceptable group to the average liberal, all others must be protected.
     What I am tying together is the liberals and the followers of islam, the weird relationship they have, the liberals have a double standard, they will criticize all others except the followers of islam.  The politically correct groupthink is more important.  the liberals are willing to sacrifice the belief in western civilization, the belief in the individual. 

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  1. Yep, group think and collectivism vs. actually confronting the issue... This isn't going to end well. And I truly hate to think what is going to happen when us old curmudgeons are gone.