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Friday, November 4, 2016

Facebook Rant and working...

I have been working the overtime, something about MD90's....I don't mind the Overtime but I ain't used to the MD90 series of airplanes....they are "cramped".  but they are old school airplanes as we call it.   I have been posting some political meme's and am surprised that I haven't been put in Facebook jail yet. 

    I posted this on a post from one of the older scouts, he voted for the first time and was proud to throw the lever for "Trump".  Some of the other people took him to task for doing so and I and others defended his choices.   I did this post at 0500 in the morning when I saw that a couple of people were being really ugly.  I normally don't post using my phone because I pride myself on my sentence structure and proper punctuation but I typed this one out.

To me it isn't the man but the message. It is a big "screw you" to the establishment. For 20+ years we have been blown off by the Democrats and Republicans. Both are more concerned about helping their big donors and protected groups than helping the middle class. We have watched our high paying middle class jobs leave never to return because companies find it cheaper to build it away and bring the products back. Our tax laws are byzantine in nature. We have unrestricted immigration into this country and the cheap labor is a boon to the donors and horrible to the middle class and drive down wages. We have people that will not assimilate to our culture and bring crime that impacts the middle class. The people that support this live in their bubble communities surrounded by people that think like they do, they don't see the devastation caused by the job loss and immigration. We see our culture and traditions mocked and we are having to apologize for being Americans. This is why we support Trump, perhaps he will not be able to change the culture of corruption in D.C but the fact that he scares the crap out of the establishment is a sign. It is not the man but the message. I flat out can't support Hillary, the fact that she played with classified documents on her private server. I remember the rules I had to deal with when I handled classified documents and if I had done what she did, I would be in Leavenworth confinement barracks. The rules apply to us but she is part of the establishment and gets a pass. Also the pay to play while she was a senator and secstate. Foreign countries had to do "donate" to the foundation before she would do anything. The same foundation that is registered in Canada to avoid Non disclosure laws here in America. She represents the culture of corruption that is endemic in D.C. also that the DNC shafted Bernie Sanders to help in the coronation of Hillary. I know I didn't use proper spacing and paragraphs. I am using my kinda Smart phone.

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  1. This is 'our' last chance to clean things up, if we don't, it won't be changed in our lifetimes...