The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Back from Camping and a brilliant comment I saw...

I came back from camping, was supposed to go through my Vigil ceremony but it got cancelled because the state govorner banned "recreational fires" until the extra dry conditions have left.  They are talking around February.   I came back and ran across this comment when somebody made the comment that all Trump supporters "need to die".   I saw this comment posted and it really was good.  

Had a liberal who wanted to play the "I watched as Obama did great things" speech game with me.
So I gave him a we watched list.
He blocked me
Here is my list
We watched as your president said "elections have consequences, and I won"
We watched, as he began the systematic destabilization of the world.
We watched, as he began with his "pen and phone" to systematically ram through his agenda and degrade our country.
We watched, as our jobs left, as what few were left began to be filled by illegal immigrants.
We watched, as our veterans and service members died waiting for medical treatment from the VA.
We listened as he promised to fix it, and yet did nothing.
We watched as he turned our police into enemies and thugs into saints.
We watched, as he bailed out wall street, as wall street execs got multi million dollar bonuses paid by the dollars we scraped together.
We watched as he bailed out the automakers, but forced them to repay the money, which he didn't do for wall street.
We watched as the housing market collapsed.
We watched, as the economy barely scraped by with 1.6% growth, stagnant at best.
We watched, as radical islamic terrorists murdered thousands, those terrorists created by him.
We listened as he refused to call them what they were.
We watched, as you put us in safe spaces rather than engage in dialogue with opposing view points.
We watched as racist groups like black lives matter advocated for the murder of police officers.
We watched as the liberal agenda went into overdrive, and began attacking being white as if it were a crime.
We watched as you mad pumpkin spice lattes white privilege (seriously, minorities couldn't enjoy that?)
We watched as minority supremacy ran rampant
We watched, as you began the most divisive, most hateful, most disgusting rhetoric.
We watched reverse racism take hold. And then grow like a wildfire.
We watched all of it. And then we staged our protest, at the ballots.
And then you cried, and the a tantrum, and passed out safety pins.
The country has spoken, and he is your president.
We have spoken, with ballots.
Don't make us speak with bullets.


  1. We watched the nations debt double while suppressing merest rates that should have allowed businesses growth to reduce debt, but government policies did not allow growth.
    We watched fast and furious gins sold by the CiA to Mexican gang lords kill both US and Mexican citizens.
    We watched our Benghazi ambassador's dead body dragged down streets and off duty soldiers die trying to save him while our military was or edged to stand down.
    We watched you give us a birth certificate and Read Sheriff Arpiao's report on how fraudulent the 9 layered PDF document was.
    We watched you tell us we had to ride ion the back as it was your turn to drive.