The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Possible Plan of the President.... Endgame.?

I was working the airplane...it is nice when they cooperate with me and I don't have to say unkind things to them...Anybody that has a background on Customer Service will understand this.  Anyway..I was thinking about what the presidents endgame is....He is going out of the way to marginalize the GOP, blaming them for everything that has transpired..despite his hand in the events and he has a complicit media to assist him in his desires.   There was a news on Yahoo I saw earlier that has now vanished where President Obama wants to replace the democrats with his SUPERPAC, Apparently the democrats are having funding issues and Obama is flush with cash and wanting to create another group that will charge $500,000 to be part of this panel for access to the President.  Nothing like loading the warchest with more cash...Wait he can't run for a 3rd term...?   Well to let me continue...I believe that President Obama wants to marginalize the GOP to such an extent that the democrats will retake the house in 2014 and that they will be PERSONALLY beholding to him.  Nothing like getting the 22 amendment repealed(the one that limits a presidential term). 
     What the President will not realize or doesn't care is that right now the people that don't like his policies have the outlet of voting..it is a pressure release valve.  If they realize that voting is totally ineffective due to the machination of voting fraud and total suppression of the conservative votes, they will realize that voting is no longer effective, they will take more active approaches to their dislike of the policies of the President.   That is already a movement in the conservative atmosphere(for lack of another word.. I am an airplane mechanic, not a writer...so there....) to no longer vote, it is ineffective in stopping the federal government juggernaut.    As long as people believe that voting matters, there will be peace.  Once most of the conservative people realize that voting will no be effective then violence will start.

 I wonder if this is the endgame of the president..either mold the United States to his vision by political force...or start off a shooting war to compel people people to submit to his vision of utopia...the future of America.

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  1. Good question, and I think he's hoping for KING Obummer...