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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

"How the FBI and DOJ Undermined Themselves"

 I am a contributor on Quora and also follow several people, one is a guy named "Anthony Cady", Well I shamelessly cut and pasted his answer to some leftie that wanted examples of how biased the DOJ was to the people on the right side of the political aisle.  I thought it was "Nickworthy"

    The meme came from my "stash" on my computer.

The DOJ and FBI have undermined themselves.




The Mueller report found no collusion. The FBI knew there was no collusion before Mueller was appointed but continued to investigate and got a Mueller appointment anyway because Comey and the gang didn’t like Trump.

The Durham report states that the Mueller investigation never should have taken place and the Crossfire Hurricane investigation had no legal foundation for it to have continued.

An FBI lawyer plead guilty to altering an e-mail from the CIA to say the opposite of what the CIA actually said in order to justify continuing warrants on a Trump campaign staffer. Something that impacted an election and hampered a Presidency and the guy didn’t even lose his law license.

The Obama White House was briefed by the CIA that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was going to try and tie Trump to Russia to distract from her e-mails, yet, the FBI still pursued the false allegations.

The FBI cancelled an investigation of Russian money being poured into the Clinton foundation, and gave Clinton and her campaign defensive briefings, yet never did the same for Trump showing a clear double standard.

James Comey, FBI director leaked classified material to a friend which later showed up in the press.

The FBI was found to have violated the FISA process several times in the Trump Russia investigation.

The FBI ignored warnings from British intel that collusion was nonsense to the point British Intel flat out refuse to help the FBI, and the FBI ignored attempts by British intel to completely distance themselves from Christopher Steele who was basically persona non grata in British intel circles. MI-6 were incredulous when the FBI opened an investigation based on the Papadapoulos-Downer bar conversation as there was evidence of nothing in that meeting, and they were equally baffled by the so-called evidence that the FBI paid Stephan Halpar for which the British said was a whole lot of resources used to gather nothing incriminating.

The inspector General found the FBI violated the FISA process in far more cases than the Trump Russia investigation. They also found violations where FBI agents have recieved gifts and money from the press in exchange for leaks. Almost all have only benefitted one side of the political aisle.

A US. Attorney has just resigned from the DOJ for attending Biden fundraisers, and participating in an election campaign in which she leaked confidential DOJ information in order to make it appear the opponent of her backed candidate was under investigation. She continued to leak confidential info after the opponent won an election in order to damage that person in the general election. She initially lied to investigators until they found texts that proved her guilt. She faces no charges.

Despite responding to the release of the Durham Report by saying changes have already been made, Just yesterday the FISA court said the FBI conducted illegal warrantless searchs through NSA databases almost 300,000 times including searchs of people involved with Jan 6th, and George Floyd protests.

The DOJ has been caught trying to justify use of terrorism laws to target parents who voice dissenting opinions to school boards.

Despite little effort to hold pro-choice vandals accountable the FBI used a tactical team to raid a pro-life activist’s home who would have simply turned himself in. That guy was acquitted at trial.

Former members of the intel community that signed a letter saying that Hunter’s laptop bore the hallmarks of a Russian disinformation campaign have admitted they did so to help Biden win an election, but worse, an active member of the CIA helped circulate it and claimed the CIA itself was involved in verifying just that when they did not.

The FBI and DOJ continue to stonewall Congressional requests and subpeonas for information which isn’t even classified.

These are facts that show the FBI, DOJ, and Intel community has continually abused their powers, have shown double standards based on politics, have completely undermined themselves with little to no consequence, and they feel entitled to continue because most of the press has been in on it all.


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