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Monday, April 1, 2024

Monday Music "Goodbye to You" By Scandal.

I decided to do a "Monday Music" today, been a bit since I have done one of those.  For some reason since Easter This song was gnawing on the background as an excellent choice for a "Monday Music", so since my muse has been dormant lately, but is starting to stir again, I figured I would listen.

     I remember this song making big airplay on MTV, y'all remember MTV? they used to play music videos instead of all those insipid reality shows. well this song was in heavy rotation and I liked the song and face it, Patty Smyth was cute as a button in the video and I was 16 years old back in 1982..Priorities you know, LOL   Even now, sure it is a bit campy like a lot of the 80's songs are but it reminds me of a time I call "Reagans America" where a President loved America and believed that we are this shining light on the hill and he made everyone else believe it also.  To me the 80's were a good decade.

Scandal is a self-titled debut EP by American rock band Scandal, released in 1982 by Columbia Records. Although the EP was never released on CD, all five of the EP's songs along with the "Goodbye to You" B-side "All My Life" are found on the VH1 Scandal compilation album We Are the '80s (2006).[2] An alternate photo from the same photoshoot of the EP was used for the VH1 compilation cover as well as Playlist: The Very Best of Scandal (2008), with the track listing for Playlist being identical to We Are the '80s.[3] All five of the EP's songs can also be found on the remastered and expanded 2014 Rock Candy Records version of Scandal's 1984 album Warrior.
The song "Win Some, Lose Some" was written in 1979 and first recorded by Bryan Adams on his 1980 self-titled debut album.

The song was written by band member Zack Smith. It appeared on Scandal's 1982 Scandal EP. It hit #5 on Billboard's Album Rock play list. The song was also released as a single, and reached #65 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The video shows Patty Smyth in a bright red dress singing the lyrics to various members of the band as they perform the song. Scandal keyboardist Benjy King is shown playing a rare Digital Keyboards Synergy synthesizer, which provided the main 8th note foundation of the track; though he is not shown in the video, the song features Late Show with David Letterman's bandleader and sidekick Paul Shaffer playing a solo—based on Del Shannon's "Runaway" on an Oberheim OB-Xa.

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