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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Memorial Day "Ich Habt eine Kamaraden gehabt, do gebt keine bessern."*

 I hate it when I hear people say "Happy Memorial Day" to me, to me it isn't a happy occasion, except to mark the run up to the summer season.  To me and my fellow Veterans, it is a more somber occasion, for we remember fallen comrades, either through War or afterwards, remember the 22 a day suicide rate? I have had some of my friends take that route.  I understand people wanting to grill out with their friends, I get that, we fought for the average person to have that right to get blasted over the weekend with their friends.  So you can hoist your favorite brewski and toast your fallen comrades and those that have gone before us because eventually we too will report to Fiddlers Green and march to St Peters Gate to have our outprocessing paperwork settled before we report to our final duty station.

    German phrase we used to quote un my unit for those that died while we were on active service  was "I had a comrade, There was none better"

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